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Photo of the Day: The Post-Mohawk Life of Dan Hardy

(Props: @danhardymma via MMA Mania)

Look Dan, I get that your last victory represented a dramatic change in every aspect of your life, but let’s face it — that mohawk was your trademark, and without it, you look like just another guy on the sex offender registry. Not that you look like a sex offender in this photo; I’m definitely not saying that. But really, sex offenders can look like anybody these days. They can look like the dude who bags your groceries, or the kindly piano teacher down the block, or the maintenance worker at your local park. So theoretically, sure, you now look like somebody who could be a sex offender — which again, is basically anybody — whereas your mohawk gave you a conspicuous “LOOK AT ME!” kind of vibe that most sex offenders would never try to pull off, as they tend to prefer secrecy and a low profile. Does that make sense? You look like a normal guy now. That’s all I meant.


Will Chuck Retire His Mohawk, Too?

(Hawk or no hawk? That’s the question.)

I was in high school during the height of the "grunge" music scene, and like many guys my age, I had long hair, was in a band and had earrings. That was 17 years ago and I’ve since cut my hair, quit the band and mysteriously while I was at jiu-jitsu class one evening, my earrings disappeared.

After a bit of questioning, the truth came out. "You’re not a kid any more," my younger wife explained to me as if I were ancient. "You’re almost 34. You don’t want to be "that guy."

By "that guy," she meant the guy we’d often elbowed each other in the ribs about while walking through the mall or while eating dinner. You know the type: mullet, dangly cross earring, leather cowboy boots and head to toe denim and leather. Dressed exactly like he did in high school…35 YEARS AGO.

Needless to say, the "missing" earrings have not been located.

When photos and video surfaced last week of former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell getting his iconic mohawk shaved off for charity, I couldn’t help but wonder if "The Iceman" will become "that guy" or will he say, "Enough is enough" and grow out his hair into a more age appropriate hairstyle for a 40, 50 or 60-year-old?


Chuck Liddell Wannabe #3


Taken outside of the Nationwide Arena after UFC 82 was over. This dude was actually on crutches, which took some of the edge off his look. Still, the ubiquitous Liddell-hawk wasn’t my favorite hairstyle from the weekend. That honor goes to a gentleman I saw at the airport on Sunday…


Chuck Liddell Wannabe #2


Again, at the Arnold Classic, marveling at the power-lifters and their bloated legs. Nearby, Jose Canseco and Triple H were shilling for something or other. This guy caught my eye for his Liddell-Hawk with just the hint of a prehensile rat-tail.