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Ronda Rousey Is Really Doing This Acting Thing, Lines Up Roles in ‘Entourage’ and ‘The Athena Project’

(Moments later, a tricked-out Mitsubishi Lancer crashed through the window, and Ronda armbarred it. Cut to tasteful sex scene. / Photo via FlicksandBits)

Roles in the The Expendables 3 and Fast and Furious 7 didn’t stop Ronda Rousey from dominating Miesha Tate in December. And so, the UFC women’s bantamweight champ is delving even further into acting, with a pair of major movie projects lined up for 2014.

According to Variety, Rousey has landed a gig as one of the female leads in the upcoming Entourage movie, which starts filming in mid-March. [Ed. note: Please be Turtle's girlfriend...please be Turtle's girlfriend...] After that, Rousey is attached to star in a Warner Bros. adaptation of The Athena Project, which is about “a top secret, all-female Delta Force counter-terrorism team…sent in to hunt and kill a master terrorist after a bombing in Rome kills 20 Americans. Trouble ensues once the team realizes there’s more at play than a simple bombing.” Man, isn’t there always?

Though Warner Bros. is still negotiating rights to produce The Athena Project, which currently lacks a script, Variety‘s sources say that Rousey “fell in love with the book and also quickly clicked with author [Brad] Thor, attaching herself to the project before it even had a studio involved.” And here’s one more line from Variety’s report that was interesting:


Caption Contest: Find Some Humor in This Dude’s Broken Face, And Win Four ‘Safe’ Movie Passes!

(Never touch Herb Dean’s hair. It’s a lesson you only need to learn once. / Photo via Sherdog)

As if we don’t give you vultures enough free swag, we were just hooked up with four passes to the movie Safe, which hits theaters on April 27th. Starring MMA superfan Jason Statham, the flick is about an ex-cage-fighter who seeks to protect a young Chinese girl whose memory holds a priceless numerical code wanted by the Russian Mafia, the Triads, and corrupt police. In other words, Statham beats the living f*ck out of lots of people.

It’s caption contest time, and the winner takes all. Post a caption to the above photo in the comments section by Monday at midnight ET, and we’ll round up the best ones on Tuesday. The best one gets all four movie passes. Any questions? Now get crackin’…


Ask the Potato: P4P Lists, Kung Fu Movies and Baldness

Victory, comrade!

Don’t worry- we didn’t forget about you. We were just a little busy yesterday. To demonstrate that your questions weren’t asked for no reason, we’ll jump right into answering them today. Unless, of course, you asked a question and we didn’t answer it. Then it was definitely asked for no reason. Oh well.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Kyle Gifford asks (via Facebook): Why haven’t you taken any questions from FB?


Rampage Jackson Can’t Wait to Quit MMA

(Life: It’s more about the journey than whether you actually beat Travis Pastrana in arm wrestling. Pic: Zimbio)

Ah, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. At this point, we honestly don’t know if we should applaud the guy for his honesty or criticize him for continuing to waste everybody’s time. After conducting a lengthy interview with the former UFC light heavyweight champion recently wherein it becomes painfully apparent that the guy just can’t bring himself to be terribly dedicated to fighting anymore, maybe Five Knuckles says it best. As the MMA website quips in the very first line of its resulting story about Jackson: “You can call Quinton “Rampage” Jackson a lot of things, but dedicated isn’t necessarily one of them.”

Dude, ouch. Then again, that seems like a pretty apt description anymore. Heading into his upcoming bout with Matt Hamill at UFC 130, Rampage claims he’s training hard, but says he hasn’t bothered to chase down any film on Hamill and even admits he “doesn’t know a whole lot” about the guy. Really? You don’t know a whole lot about Matt Hamill? Interesting. Anyway, a bit later on Jackson flat out admits he’s just biding his time until he can find another movie role that will compensate him as much or more than his current UFC contract.


Fight of the Day: Arlovski def. Pyle via TKO (Stab Wound), 1:08 of Round 1

(Props: Fightlinker)

Universal Soldier: Regeneration hit DVD shelves this week, with Andrei Arlovski in the role of "NGU," the lead bad guy. Apparently, MMA veteran Mike Pyle is in the film as well, and winds up getting dead’ed in a fight scene with the Pitbull — which begs the question, if Arlovski had that blade on him the whole time, why didn’t he use it right away? Do Universal Soldiers operate by a strange code of honor when it comes to hand-to-hand combat? And when you call a Universal Soldier a "fucking prick" when one is about to kill you, is there any chance that it will hurt its android-feelings, or is it pretty much an empty gesture at that point? We’re assuming that watching the movie will answer these questions, and many others.’s glowing review of the film calls Regeneration "a rare sequel that far outstrips the original," and credits the realism of the fight scenes to director John Hyams, who was also responsible for the must-see 2003 documentary The Smashing Machine.


Bob Sapp, Start Working on Your Oscar Speech!

Bib Sapp Charlie Murphy Frankenhood movie poster
(Props: Fightlinker)

Bob Sapp has lent his hulking, cartoonish presence to such critically acclaimed films as Big Stan and Elektra, but his next movie, titled Frankenhood, could be his biggest challenge yet. DreadCentral (via Fightlinker) gots da synopsis:

Motown (DeRay Davis) and Darius (Jasper Redd) work in a morgue, trading put-downs and toiling among the most undemanding of customers. But outside of their decidedly dreary jobs, the two dream of bigger and better things. If only they could win the $25,000 prize that will go to the winners of the upcoming 3-on-3 Streetball Tournament. One night, having been demoted to graveyard shift, they run into their semi-sane colleague Franklin (Charlie Murphy) in a dark alley outside the morgue. They find Franklin using the auto battery of Motown’s precious Gremlin to bring to life a monstrous dead man (Bob Sapp) whose heart Franklin has just replaced. That 3-on-3 basketball tournament isn’t looking so bad…if they can just get their new mutant friend to play basketball!

Holy Fucking Shit. It’s like a Tracy Jordan movie, but real. It’s also worth mentioning that the director of Frankenhood is a man named Blaxwell Smart, which I’m convinced is just a pseudonym for Ron Howard.

You have to give Bob credit — the man has never been afraid to humiliate himself for money. But here’s the problem: Who would look at Sapp’s dead body and think "basketball ringer"? He’s about as tall as a shooting-guard, and on the wrong side of 350 pounds. When Michael J. Fox put on the fur suit in Teen Wolf and started dunking on fools, I was like, "yeah, I can see that happening." Now cut to the set of Frankenhood, where a dangerously winded Bob Sapp is sucking an oxygen mask after doing one take of a scene where he has to zombie-walk downcourt.

Another question: What are Motown and Darius going to do with that $25,000 prize to turn their lives around? (Don’t say "scratch tickets.") And what will happen to their mutant friend after they’ve achieved their goal? Are they just going to rip out his battery and shove him in the dumpster? Can JB Smoove possibly save this wreck? Will Tyler Perry direct the sequel? Is it weird that I kind of want to rent this movie to see how it plays out?


The 10 Greatest Fight Movies of All Time

Story of Riki Riki-Oh head crush exploding MMA gifs funny movies
(Just one of the reasons why you should rent “The Story of Ricky” immediately.)

Long before we became obsessed with MMA, martial arts flicks satisfied our thirst for blood. We now pay tribute to the best of the best — and the kickass fight scenes and iconic stars that made these movies so essential. Click the links for video clips, and let us know how you feel in the comments section…


Kickboxer movie poster Jean Claude Van Damme greatest fight movies

10. Kickboxer (1989)

Say what you will about Kickboxer, but it delivers what it promises. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Kurt Sloane, the European-accented brother to an American kickboxing champion (?) who travels to Thailand only to be paralyzed by the vicious Tong Po. It isn’t until Sloane seeks out the wisdom and awesomely unorthodox training of Xian Chow that he is ready to seek revenge in a brutal underground match that features no shortage of broken glass-encrusted fists and long, drawn-out screams.

Best Ass-Kicking: How do you prepare for the fight of your life? By getting drunk and beating up bar patrons while dancing horribly in pleated pants. How else?

Classic Quote: “I tell them you say they no good fighters… and that their mothers have sex with mules.” (Xian Chow)

9. The Legend of Drunken Master aka Drunken Master II (1994)


Fight of the Day: Jet Li vs. Jackie Chan

I don’t think I’ve sat through a fight-flick since Ong-Bak (Jaa ftw!), but this is straight-up historic — Jackie and Jet on the same set, battling for cinematic kung-fu dominance. The Forbidden Kingdom hits theaters on April 18th, but you can get a taste right now by watching the fight scene above and the official trailer here.

More must-see video goodness after the jump.


‘Redbelt’: It’s No ‘Glengarry’

A trailer has been released for the upcoming MMA-themed movie Redbelt, which was written and directed by David Mamet and co-stars Randy Couture. We tried to sum up the plot in our post about Caroline de Souza Correa, but it’s even weirder then we thought. Basically, Chiwetel Ejiofor plays this Art of War-quoting MMA instructor who likes to run a drill in which students have to fight with one arm tied to their body. So then, Joe Mantegna and Ricky Jay take his idea and turn it into the basis of a new MMA league. (Cripes, did Bob Meyrowitz do script supervision on this one?) Ejiofor gets pissed, especially when he learns that the game is rigged! For viewers who aren’t familiar with mixed martial arts, it could get a pass; for the rest of us, it kind of feels like hokey, artificial bullshit. Witness:

We’re somewhat willing to reserve judgment at this point, but we have a feeling Redbelt will fall far short of Mamet’s previous work:

(Props: MMA Mania)


Jet Li = Old and Busted / Cung Le = New Hotness has a new interview with Cung Le in which the undefeated Strikeforce star reveals that his fight with middleweight champion Frank Shamrock is slated for March 29th, and that the UFC has approached him to fight in the Octagon — but hasn’t made an offer juicy enough to lure him away from his current home.

More notably, Le is positioning himself to be the next martial arts action movie star. As he discusses in the interview, he was recently cast in the film version of the video game series Tekken, and just finished shooting a starring role in a movie called Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter with David Carradine, Gary Busey and BOLO FUCKING LEUNG. Yes, that might be the best assembled cast in action movie history, but unfortunately, the film itself looks kinda cheesy. Check out the trailer:

Right, so it’s a low budget flick with a name that no American would be able to pronounce. But Le is realistic about the experience: “I don’t mind starting with smaller production movies. It will help me later on in my career having the guidance of the veteran actors on the shoots.” And how did Le land the role? Well, funny story: