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Maximo Blanco Loses Strikeforce Debut, Gets Called Up to UFC Anyway

VidProps: RandomCoolStuffHD/YouTube

If you missed the Strikeforce preliminary matchup between Maximo “Little Wanderlei” Blanco and Pat “The Spoiler” Healy, what the hell is wrong with you? Blanco is the highly entertaining prospect who’s been handing out brain damage in Japan for a hot minute, and news of his American debut against Josh Thomson was enough to make my nipples hard. Then Thomson pulled out, and Healy was announced as the replacement, which I was kinda bummed about. Then I cheered up, because I still was getting to watch Maxi go all Beast Mode on a dude. It’s Maxi Time, bitches!

Well, long story short: The Max Murderer lost his North American debut, tapping out to a rear naked choke at the end of the second round.

Not the end of the world, though — Blanco could string a few wins together in the minors, and all would be right with the world, while tearing through Strikeforce’s lesser-known lightweights in highlight-reel fashion. Then I hear news that Little Wanderlei — but not Healy — was on his way to the UFC.

Uh…… huh?


Bellator to Stream Preliminary Fights On Spike, Still Not Admitting They’re Leaving MTV2

Bellator is really stepping up their game with these promo videos. VidProps: BellatorMMA/YouTube

Well this is interesting: following in the pioneering steps of the UFC, Bellator is announcing that they will begin streaming the undercard fights on the series of tubes known as the internet.

That’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is who they’re partnering with: Spike. Yep, those guys.

According to a press release sent to the CagePotato Desk for Serious Journalism, You Guys (not actually a real place), the undercard fights will go live on at 7pm ET as a lead-in for the main card broadcasts on MTV2 starting at 9pm. As we reported last week, the main cards will also be broadcast in HD on EPIX, which we personally confirmed is a extant channel that wasn’t made up by some Viacom dude with a stupid-long job title.

The press release included a quote from some Viacom dude (Executive Vice President, Digital Entertainment, MTV Networks Entertainment Group), a guy by the name of Erik Flannigan:

“Fight fans have been coming to our site for years for great mixed martial arts clips and information,” said Flannigan. “Now we are thrilled to provide them with action-packed live fighting each week.”