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We Still Love You, Wanderlei

VidProps: KahL1One


Once upon a time, you were terrified of Wanderlei Silva.    He did scary things to people.  He did it a lot.  You kind of wondered if he was legitimately crazy.  He intimidated opponents during his walk to the ring while the un-toughest techno you’ve ever heard played in the background — to the point that “Sandstorm” is now universally recognized as Badass. We didn’t even know that Badass had a transitive property, so we thank Wanderlei for teaching us that, as well.

The Axe Murderer returns to action this weekend, perhaps on the downside of his career. The Octagon has never been kind to Wandy — he’s got a 3-5 career record for the UFC– and he’s not getting any younger. If MMA does have a nine-year rule, then this 15+ year veteran should be ready to hang it up.

But he’s not.