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Don’t Trip, It’s Actually Totally Cool For Antonio McKee to Use the N-Word, Antonio McKee Says


Antonio McKee is just way ahead of his time. At least that’s what Antonio McKee says in the above video with your boy Marcos from In fact, though this interview is ostensibly about McKee’s upcoming MFC lightweight title defense against Luciano Azevedo, much of it is just Antonio McKee explaining why it’s OK for Antonio McKee to do many of the things Antonio McKee does. This includes but is not limited to both his wrestling-based fighting style — which McKee assures us is the wave of the future — and his liberal use of the N-word, which he says we shouldn’t be offended by because … well … it doesn’t offend him

“I’m just the baddest nigger on the planet, you know?” McKee says at about the :55 second mark. “For those black folks that I offend when I use the word nigger, let me explain this right now to you. Nigger is not a bad word to me. Where I come from, nigger is a term of endearment and loyalty and brotherhood … I want to let you know now, this fight here is about putting on a show. So, if you see me out there wearing my monkey suit doing my monkey dance, don’t be tripping, alright?”

OK, we’re not tripping, though McKee’s reasoning about why we shouldn’t trip seems pretty flawed here.