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Videos: Greg Jackson Talks Liddell KO, TUF 1 Carpool + More

In this interview done after Rashad Evans’s knockout of Chuck Liddell at UFC 88, trainer/strategist Greg Jackson discusses what he told Evans between rounds 1 and 2, Mike Winklejohn and Kieth Jardine’s contributions to the gameplan, and Nate Marquardt’s victory over Martin Kampmann. Props to Sherdog via Fans of Team Jackson’s.

Courtesy of MMAMania and MAR Clothing, here’s a video of Josh Koscheck interviewing Diego Sanchez and Chris Leben in a car while in Las Vegas for the taping of the Ultimate Fighter 1 reunion — which will air in segments during Saturday’s TUF 1 marathon on SpikeTV, beginning at 9 a.m. ET. The guys discuss their upcoming fights, a possible rubber match between Diego and Josh, Thiago Alves’s mysterious growth spurt, and how Chris Leben wants a rematch with Anderson Silva more than anything.

After the jump: Must-see interview footage of Evan Tanner explaining why he fights and his humanist worldview, from Potent: The Movie, via Bloody Elbow.


UFC 88: The Highlights

(Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans)

(Nate Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann)

(Dan Henderson vs. Rousimar Palhares)


UFC 88′s Middleweights Size Each Other Up, Lesnar and Couture Talk Strategy

(Dan Henderson and Rousimar Palhares)

(Martin Kampmann and Nate Marquardt)

Courtesy of ESPN video. After the jump: The latest episode of MMA Live, where Dana White discusses Randy Couture’s return to the UFC (and calls Fedor “irrelevant” again), Randy and Brock have an in-studio face-off, and Frank Mir teaches us the armbar that broke Tim Sylvia’s arm.


Nate Marquardt Pulls The Old ‘Don’t Be Scared, Homey’ on Thales Leites

Here’s an interesting trend in MMA: a guy beats you in a fight through either a decision or somewhat questionable stoppage. You immediately demand a rematch, but he’d rather not do that because he wants to move on with his career and continue climbing the ladder in the division. So you do what any rational person would do. You accuse him of being scared to fight you again.

Nate Marquardt is the newest member of the ‘Don’t be scared, homey‘ club ever since he told Sherdog recently that Thales Leites is ducking a rematch of their UFC 85 cheat-fest. Marquardt seems to be seizing on the fact that his point deduction for striking to the back of the head was unjustified and conveniently forgetting the other completely illegal stuff he did in that fight, such as the knee to the head of a downed Leites and the piledriver at the end of the fight:

“I’ve never seen a fight like that, never have I had a point taken away for me in any other fight. I believe this was my first,” said Marquardt. “It’s disappointing. Actually he got warned three times for grabbing my glove, the fence and elbowing the back of my head.”

“I’m happy with the way I performed. I know the fans loved it. Honestly, all the controversy over the point deductions and me losing a split decision, everybody who saw the fight knows that I won the fight,” Marquardt said. “In a way it’s been a blessing in disguise. It’s kind of made my popularity go up because everyone is talking about it.”

“I would love a rematch and I asked for it. I doubt he’s going to give me a rematch. I think he’s kind of scared to be honest,” Marquardt said. “He got lucky and knocked me down right away and mounted me. That’s his game, to get to the mount position. What better position for him to land up in? I was able to escape, get back up to my feet and have him rocked by the end of the round. I think he knows that he was kind of outclassed.”

Isn’t it great how MMA fighters are so often convinced that anything effective their opponent managed to do was “lucky”, while their own offense was all skill and superior technique? Maybe that’s the mindset you need to have to fight at that level, but it sure is a very selective thought process. If Marquardt really wants to force that rematch, he may have to up his antics. Derogatory t-shirt calling out Leites, perhaps? I know a place in the mall that could do it cheap.


Piledriver Power!

Nate Marquardt piledriver
(Nate Marquardt knows he’s been point-deducted out of a victory and decides to have a little WWE-style fun at the end of his fight with Thales Leites on Saturday. Strangely, Herb Dean decides to let this one go. Image courtesy of this UG thread.)


UFC 85 Highlight Reel Hype-Orgy

(Nate Marquardt HL)

(Marcus Davis HL)

(Matt Hughes HL)