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Gross Video of the Night: ‘Karmaatemycat’ Drains His Ear, For Your Entertainment

(Props:, the Internet’s #1 source for Karmaatemycat video blogs.)

The life of an MMA fighter isn’t all loose women and free lollipops. It’s a 24/7 grind, and if you’re a hungry up-and-comer without the benefit of fancy-shmancy UFC accident insurance, you might have to perform some home surgery once in a while.

Our dear friend Jefferey “Karmaatemycat” Watts recently posted the following vid on his official site after a nasty cauliflower ear flare-up, with the following description: “Oh yeah thats right I did it, I drained that bitch. I am sure it wont be the last time but dammit if I am not worried anymore and it beats waiting on useless Doctors who went to school for ten years to tell me about shit they don’t know anything about.

So how did Karma’s ear-drainage go? Well, hit that play button and find out.