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Video: Eddie Bravo Really Likes to Punk His New Students

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TwisterEddie)

If you’ve ever met, or know anyone who knows Eddie Bravo, you know that he’s big on practical jokes.

My instructor and a fellow student from our gym were in L.A. recently and while they were out eating lunch with Eddie, a girl came up to let the 10th Planet founder know how much of a fan she was. Eddie took her number and proceeded to make out with her at the table. The problem was, both of the other guys knew that Eddie recently got engaged and felt kind of uncomfortable with the situation. It turned out that the “random fan” was actually Eddie’s fiancee and she was in on the joke.

Bravo has been punking his students with gags like these for years.


Some Dude Hit a $50,000 12-Fight UFC 131 Parlay…And in Other News, Vancouver MMA Judge Seen Driving New $50,000 Lexus Off the Lot Today

Okay, we made that last part up, but doesn’t it seem kind of odd that someone randomly picked all of the winners in a 12-fight parlay from a card that was steeped in controversial judges’ scoring?

We don’t even get half of our picks right, and we’re paid to analyze the sport and its fighters.

According to a story from an unnamed individual won $51,547 from a $200 bet placed through

“Hitting parlays in MMA happens often but to hit every fight right on a 12-fight card in one night is unheard of, especially that the parlay included a mix of favorites and a few medium underdogs, including two controversial decisions that went in the bettor’s favor.” Bodog Sports Book Director Richard Gardner told MMAFighting.

Unheard of unless you’re a judge who has the power to do what it takes to ensure the losers are winners and the winners are losers. We’re just spitballing here, but maybe a crooked official utilized the newly approved video monitors to pipe in other footage from a previous fight for the judges to score. Who are we kidding? They probably just sucked at judging like 3/4 of the posters on Sherdog.


Doc Hamilton Changes His Mind About Machida/Rua Scoring

Mauricio Rua Lyoto Machida UFC 104
(Well, clearly Machida is controlling where the post-fight celebrations are taking place.)

Following the UFC 104 title scrap between Lyoto Machida and Mauricio Rua, we were fairly shocked when the scores came back unanimously for Machida. Wasn’t Shogun the aggressor during the majority of the fight? Didn’t he land more strikes? When it came time for the judges to explain themselves, we learned that leg kicks don’t end fights, so you might as well not count them at all. But at least one judge from that night is having a crisis of conscience. From Yahoo! Sports (via Fightlinker):

[Nelson "Doc"] Hamilton was one of the three judges who controversially scored that fight 48-47 in favor of Machida. Yet after watching tape of the fight, Hamilton now believes Rua was the winner. “There was a round in that fight [Round 4] where my line of sight while they were standing was blocked,” said Hamilton, who feels TV monitors for judges would solve the problem. “Because of the angle where most of the round was fought, I couldn’t see the punches and whether they were landing. If the fight had been on the ground, I could look at the big screens, but this was a fight where the blows were coming one at a time and you don’t want to look away and miss an important blow.”
When Hamilton saw the fight again, he noted that viewers saw Round 4 from a completely different perspective that he did…based on what he couldn’t see from his cageside vantage point, he believes Rua won the round.

Besides the addition of TV monitors, Hamilton is also in favor of tweaking the 10-point-must scoring system:

Hamilton proposes a scoring system based on breaking the scoring down to half-points, where a close round, a solid win, a dominant win and having the opponent on the verge of defeat could all be differentiated. Under this system, if a fighter wins a round that’s difficult to call, it gets scored 10-9.5. When it’s clear that one fighter won the round, it’s 10-9. When a fighter dominates the round but doesn’t have his opponent in bad shape during the round, or if a fighter does major damage but the opponent gets a degree of offense in, that would be a 10-8.5. A 10-8 round or lower would be similar to how things are scored today.

So, two things…