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Exclusive: Never Back Down 2 Interview With Scottie Epstein and Michael Jai White

(Video courtesy of YouTube/CP)

MMA flick Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown got its DVD release last week, which means it’s time to find out if Todd Duffee’s Oscar buzz is legit. We sent CagePotato L.A. correspondent Scott Palmer to a ‘NBD2‘ media event at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu West L.A. earlier this month, where he spoke to director/star Michael Jai White and co-star and one of the film’s fight choreographer’s Scottie “Einstein” Epstein about the movie-making process. Some highlights and an incredible GIF of the thespian version of The Duffman in action are after the jump; for more killer flicks, check out the latest Sony Action Unleashed¬†DVDs.


Video: Check Out Another Cool Scene From ‘Warrior’

(Video courtesy of Warrior/Yahoo)

Lionsgate released another clip from “Warrior” this week and the MMA-themed film still looks awesome.

In the latest preview, Tommy, played by Inception’s Tom Hardy, who will also be playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, steps in to work with the big dog at the gym who has knocked out all of his apt training partners. Hilarity ensues.


Pour Your Forty Out For Another One Killed Way Too Soon: Never Back Down 2 Straight to DVD September 13

(How the hell could a Michael Jai White joint go straight to DVD?)

The world will have to wait a little longer for the big screen debuts of Todd Duffee, Lyoto Machida, Eddie Bravo and Scott Epstein.

Apparently the production company for Never Back Down 2, Baumgarten Management and Productions were unable to secure the backing of a major studio and as a result the sequel to the 2008 MMA-themed movie that grossed just south of $24,000,000 will be released straight to DVD September 13.


Exclusive: Scott Epstein, Eddie Bravo, Todd Duffee and Michael Jai White Tapped for Never Back Down II

(Shit just got real…at least more real than the first movie.)

I know what you’re thinking, "They’re making another Never Back Down movie?"

The answer is "yes," only this time around the studio is gearing the film towards MMA fans and not the popped collar American Eagle pink polo shirt sporting crowd of its predecessor, which earned $41-million at the box office.

They’ve made some steps in the right direction by hiring longtime martial arts practitioner Michael Jai White to direct this darker installment and to give it what he calls "more of a ‘The Dark Knight’ feel" and less of a "Melrose Place vibe." White knows first hand what that entails, considering he starred as mob boss Gambol in the acclaimed second film of the Chris Nolan helmed Batman franchise.

Also adding some credibility and substance to the film will be 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo, who will write part of the score for, star in and help choreograph fight scenes for the movie, UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee, who will play one of the fighters in the film and 10th Planet black belt instructor Scott Epstein, who will do double-duty as the movie’s lead as well as a fight coordinator.