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Pour Your Forty Out For Another One Killed Way Too Soon: Never Back Down 2 Straight to DVD September 13

(How the hell could a Michael Jai White joint go straight to DVD?)

The world will have to wait a little longer for the big screen debuts of Todd Duffee, Lyoto Machida, Eddie Bravo and Scott Epstein.

Apparently the production company for Never Back Down 2, Baumgarten Management and Productions were unable to secure the backing of a major studio and as a result the sequel to the 2008 MMA-themed movie that grossed just south of $24,000,000 will be released straight to DVD September 13.


Photo of the Day: Tito Ortiz Wrecked His Car While Practicing for Celebrity Race Yesterday

(You should have seen Tito driving this thing with his head out the window like Ace Ventura. It looked like a bobblehead in a HotWheels car. Photo credit: TMZ)

You would think that the UFC would have a clause in the contract of its fighters that restricts them from partaking in any dangerous activities like skydiving, attending a barbecue thrown by Mike Whitehead or living with Kim Couture. Apparently Zuffa is too busy writing up their new journalism policies to worry about fighters like Tito Ortiz wrecking race cars when they should be concerned with training for upcoming bouts.

According to TMZ, Ortiz crashed his Toyota Scion into a wall and then later took out Never Back Down star Djimon Hounsou’s car as well. The “Fueled by Fame” event takes place next weekend. What are the over/under on “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” crashing his car during the race and having an extreme case of whiplash forcing him out of his July 2 UFC 132 bout with Ryan Bader?

Props to CP reader Ryan M for the tip.


Bas Rutten Never Backs Down

“El Guapo” teaches Never Back Down star Sean Faris (the good guy!) how to block punches and kick like a mule on ‘roids. Pay attention, and you’ll be able to stand up to any A-hole rich kid who holds unsanctioned MMA matches in the backyard of his parents’ mansion.


And The Oscar Goes To…

MMA-related movies have been coming out of the woodwork lately and among the viewing choices are the David Mamet project Red Belt, the Gary Busey-starring Beyond The Ring, Frank Shamrock‘s Red Canvas, and this Friday’s teen MMA whathaveyou Never Back Down. We had refrained from endorsing any of these films, although a new one has emerged that certainly looks like the front runner for our stamp of approval.

This can be nothing short of fantastic.