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Well, Dammit: Todd Duffee Injured, Out of DREAM.FFJBWGPF (Or Whatever They’re Calling It Now)

VidProps: BabaluJack/YouTube

We’re referring, of course, to DREAM’s Fight for Japan Bantamweight Grand Prix Final, which for whatever reason was not neatly numbered and filed like most decent MMA events. “DREAM.17″ would have looked just fine in the headline, but we can’t type all that out as an article title, and “DREAM.FFJBWGPF” looks like the most jacked-up file extension ever.

This just in: apparently the official designation is “Fight for Japan: DREAM Japan GP Final 2011 Bantamweight Japan Tournament Final”. Wait, for real? DREAM is just screwing with us now, right? That whole phrase can probably be conveyed by just a few kanji on a Japanese fight poster, but our puny Western alphabet is not equal to that much event namingness. So FFJ:DREAM.JGPF-2011BWJTF is official? Jesus. If your Norton software started pinging like a methed-out dolphin when you logged on, we’re sorry. Blame FEG for not naming their events in a reasonable manner.

The next DREAM card (much easier) was shaping up to be an entertaining show, and we were particularly interested to see Duffee return to the ring after getting manhandled by Alistair Overeem last December. A matchup with Nick Gaston, the XXL Muay Thai specialist more popularly known as AfroZilla, was just one of the intriguing bouts set for the event this Saturday, but the Duffman has suffered an undisclosed injury and withdrew from the fight. Multiple sources are reporting that Gaston has been pulled from the card as well, since an opponent could not be found in time for the KOTC prospect. While six days sounds like a normal time span for FEG to put fights together (especially when foreigners are involved), they probably didn’t have anyone looking to jump up and take on “AfroJira” on such short notice.

Luckily, this guy on YouTube either didn’t include the heavyweight bout on his homemade promo, or he quickly re-cut it last night after hearing the news about Duffee (or…he knew all along!!!). Either way, it’ll give you a quick preview of the fights that will be going down this weekend. Enjoy, and let us know what you’re looking forward to Saturday night in the comments.

It’s the only way we know you care.



DREAM Japan Bantamweight Grand Prix Final Goes Down in 10 Days

The dearth of awesome fan-made promos does not bode well for DREAM. VidProps: DREAM

DREAM returns for the final round of the Japan Bantamweight Grand Prix on July 16, and there are a few interesting matchups on the card (which is apparently *not* DREAM.17 as we’d been thinking). Even if there weren’t, it’s smack in the middle of the summer MMA doldrums, and there’s not much else going on. Even if there were something else going on, jesus, don’t you assholes care about Japan?

Come on in past the jump and we’ll fill you in on the bouts slated for the event, with a few notes for your enlightenment and/or entertainment. Just call us the love child of the Buddha and Louis CK.


Todd Duffee Returns to the Scene of the Crime, Faces ‘Afrozilla’ at Dream.17

(Duffee vs. Overeem at Dynamite!! 2010. Match starts around the 5:15 mark. Props: sidiro55)

Bulky UFC vet Todd Duffee has been a ghost since getting stormed by Alistair Overeem last New Year’s Eve in Saitama. But he finally has his next fight booked, and once again it’ll be in front of a Japanese audience. According to Nightmare of Battle, Duffee will compete on the Dream.17 card against undefeated KOTC standout Nick “Afrozilla” Gaston, who had to have been signed at least partly for his nickname.

(For those of you who were just struck by a weird feeling of deja-vu, let us clarify: Dream.17 is the event coming up on July 16th at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo. The Dream event that happened on May 29th was known alternately as “Fight for Japan!” and “Japan GP – 2011 Bantamweight Japan Tournament,” even though many people, including ourselves, referred to it as Dream.17. Anyway, we’re back to the numbers now, which are always easier to deal with.)