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CagePotato Proving Ground: Meet the Finalists!

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After sifting through the first batch of entries for our Proving Ground competition, and Shark Fights have selected four finalists to advance to Round 2. They are:

Jacob Austin: The 5-1 featherweight from Texas whose elbows make news anchors very uncomfortable.

Andrew Carrillo: The other 5-1 featherweight (and father-to-be) whose body of work includes a Shogun/Coleman-esque arm-snap.

Nick Newell: The 5-0 lightweight from Massachusetts who was into Bieber before any of you.

Andy Uhrich: The 7-3 welterweight/middleweight from Memphis who once TKO’d the dude who played Crockett on Miami Vice. Okay, not really.

So who will get a chance to score a multi-fight MMA contract and represent us at Shark Fights 19, September 10th in Independence, Missouri? Stay tuned and find out. (By the way, BG and possibly even ReX will be attending the event, so start making your travel plans now if you want to hang out with some of the CagePotato brain-trust in person. Tickets can be purchased here.)

We’ll be putting up more videos through the week and alerting you guys when there are updates. For now, check out the Final Four on the Proving Ground page, watch their fights and interviews, and use those Facebook “Like” buttons to show support for the fighters you like best. Thanks so much, and please follow Shark Fights on Facebook and Twitter!


UFC Fan Expo Highlight Reel: The Legend of the Punch Machine

By now, you may have already seen that video going around of Pat Barry kicking the stuffing out of our punch-machine at the UFC Fan Expo. When KLM Vending dropped off the machine at our booth, they gave us strict orders to not let any drunken tough-guy idiot try to kick the bag. But when HD Barry drops by and starts rolling his shorts up, you’re pretty much helpless to do anything except smile nervously and move out of the way.

Of course, Pat wasn’t the only one who was drawn to the punch-machine at the Fan Expo booth. As VH and ReX already explained, we had a thick crowd of participants and gawkers all weekend, many of whom turned into hooked rubes who couldn’t stop pleading for "one more turn" on the thing. And my God did they take it seriously. So here’s our video tribute to their efforts, edited by Break Media’s Matty Sumida and soundtracked by Fort Minor. Enjoy, and we hope to see you guys at the next one…