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Rampage vs Bones: Let the Hype Games Begin

You like NickTheFace. We know you like NickTheFace. We like NickTheFace, too.  So here’s something we can all like together:  the latest hype video from one of the masters of hype video, reminding us all what we’re in for next month when Rampage takes on Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title at UFC 135.

Regardless of what your prediction is for this fight, studies indicate that this little clip will increase your excitement by about 30%. That may not sound like much, but we are told that 30% is a “measurable gain” that is “significant”. That comes from an “educated person” and their “college classes”. Gah. Don’t you just hate people that, like, know stuff?

Anyways, here’s something we don’t hate. Enjoy.