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OK, So Maybe Badr Hari Did Have Something to Do With that Nightclub Beating

(“Absolutely 100 percent not guilty, your honor.” PicPros:

Prepare to have everything you thought you knew about Badr Hari shaken to its very foundation: As it turns out, the K-1 kickboxing bad boy just maybe, possibly, allegedly did have a hand in a February assault that left a nightclub bouncer with a fractured eye socket, a broken nose, and the impending possibility of a metal plate in his head.

In the immediate wake of the incident outside an Amsterdam bar, Hari said through his attorney that he "’denied having anything to do with (it)’ and said that if the police did have any evidence, they should summon him." Well, consider that bluff summarily called this week as Amsterdam police did in fact summon Hari along with three other men for questioning regarding the assault. Only problem was, Hari himself was nowhere to be found and the latest report from Headkick Legend indicated that a midweek deadline for the fighter to turn himself in to authorities came and went without the 6-foot-5, 230-pounder showing his face.