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Comment of the Week 8/6 – And the Winner Is…

(Ten minutes later, Jones was responsible for the first pace car-led pileup in Nascar history.) 

A congratulations is in order for the nominees of last week’s Comment of the Week contest, who really brought the funny when ripping on everything from debilitating diseases to spousal abuse. You sick sons a bitches truly make us proud.

That being said, there can only be one winner, and this week’s was decided by a margin of just 25 votes, so join us after the jump for the big reveal…


WWE Wrestler CM Punk May Not Approve of Jon Jones’ Nike Deal

(This is how a real Christian does product endorsement)

So we know that the first thing you thought when you heard that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has signed a ground breaking global sponsorship deal with Nike was, “gee, I wonder what professional wrestler and Chael Sonnen bff CM Punk thinks about all of this?” Well, turns out that the straight-edge character actor/athlete may not be such a big fan of Nike’s decision.

On August 8th, CM Punk tweeted, “Let’s reward more drunk drivers with endorsement deals! #responsibility” he tweeted. Now, this is only circumstantial, but the timing of the tweet, along with Mr. Punk’s own fanboy-ness with the sport of MMA makes us think that he was referring to Jones and his new Nike deal.

You see, shortly after his last title defense last spring, Jones was arrested for an alleged DWI after crashing his Bentley into a tree. He’s currently still dealing with that legal situation.

So, Jones appears to have messed up and yet he continues to make a living. Perhaps C to the M cannot abide that injustice.


Jon Jones Has Signed Global Deal With Nike

(“Hi Rashad”)

Ace MMA Fighting reporter Mike Chiappetta has the biggest business scoop in the sport this week – UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has signed a global deal with sportswear giant Nike. “The two sides have agreed to a multi-year contract that will see Jones decked out in Nike gear for the foreseeable future. On Sept. 1, when he faces Dan Henderson at UFC 151, Jones will be rocking the famous ‘Swoosh,’” Chiappetta reports.

“As a part of the deal, Jones will be featured on worldwide Nike advertising and receive his own signature line, sources said. It is expected to be announced within a week.”


Anderson Silva Makes Cameo in New Brasilian Nike Commercial [VIDEO]

(“Train? I didn’t have time to train with all of the commercial shoots the last six months.”)

King of all Brazilian Media Anderson Silva makes a brief appearance Nike’s new “Brasil vs. Brasil” commercial. Nike is one of the marquee companies on Silva’s bluechip sponsor roster alongside Burger King, Ford and the Corinthians soccer team.

The message of the ad, which also features members of the Brasilian national soccer team, former Brasil player Ronaldo and singer Thiaguinho, is “Triumph Over Your Shadow.” In one-minute spot, Brasil players  Neymar, Ganso, Pato, Thiago Silva, and Mascherano play against themselves in their away jerseys.

Check out the video after the jump.


Video: Anderson Silva Kills It in New Brazilian Ford Commercial

(Video courtesy of YouTube/StocktonHeyBuddy)

Anderson Silva continues to be MMA’s busiest  one-man marketing machine.”The Spider” appears in the latest commercial by Ford Brazil (above) and he puts on a pretty entertaining performance.


Videos: Anderson Silva Smashes Stuff in the Name of Budweiser

Slow-motion destruction — always a good time. Here’s UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva doing what he does best in a pair of new ads for Budweiser Brasil. Please, keep your can-crushing jokes to yourself.

The Bud campaign is just one of several high-profile sponsorships that Andy has landed recently, including deals with Burger King and Nike. After the jump, Anderson Silva’s first “viral video” for Nike. Man, are Brazilian copy-writers lazy or what?


Anderson Silva is Ballin’

(Smile, Anderson. You’re rich.)

Last week news broke that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva had signed a landmark sponsorship deal with Burger King, whose ownership group,  3G Capital, is an investment firm whose largest investors include Brazilian billionaires Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Carlos Sicupira.

(Experts say it was this spot that got Anderson the deal with BK.)

Earlier this week week, Silva’s manager Ed Soares, who sold off his Sinister clothing line to Silverstar, TapouT and Hitman clothing ownership group Authentic Brands Group last year, announced that his client has also signed lucrative deals with both Nike and the Sport Club Corinthians Paulista soccer team.

“The Spider’s” fight shorts and walkout wear will be made by Nike and he will don a Corinthians jersey for his UFC 134 bout with Yushin Okami later this month. The club will also name their new stadium after the dominant 36-year-old Brazilian fighter.


Rampage & LeBron James in Nike Ad

UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s trainer, Juanito Ibarra, has told Sherdog that his boy is helping MMA step into the mainstream. A Nike commercial called “Human Chain” shoots this weekend in Los Angeles and Rampage will be a part of it. Ibarra says the premise of the ad is “overachieving with victory, getting knocked down and getting back up.” NBA star LebRon James and others are also reportedly participating in the shoot.

According to the report:

“We have been working on it for quite a while, and things are just coming around now,” said Ibarra, who credited Jackson’s charisma for the fighter’s increasing notoriety.

“I’m sure the UFC brand helps, being the UFC champion,” the trainer said about his charge. “But when people meet ‘Rampage,’ they really get it.”

Ibarra also said that Rampage isn’t looking at this “like a Nike commercial.” Sure, he’s looking at it as a chance to bed the unassuming 19-year-old production assistant from Kansas, but it’s still a Nike commercial. Regardless of how Rampage views it, the ad is the latest in a string of mainstream moves for mixed martial arts. The EliteXC joining forces with CBS, Randy Couture shooting his own Nike ad, Tito Ortiz gettin’ fired, and Bud Light becoming a UFC sponsor, are all indicators that MMA has in fact arrived to the mainstream.

A source close to the costume designer of “Human Chain” claims Rampage will wear some sort of large chain and a scowl in the ad, while King James will again insult his hometown of Cleveland by wearing Yankee gear. Bravo, Boys.