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Note to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: Brock Lesnar Is Not Bob Sapp

While MMA is a wild bag of unpredictable tricks inside the cage, once the fighting stops it’s still the same familiar newsreel over and over again.  That’s why we weren’t at all surprised to hear that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira would like a shot at Brock Lesnar’s UFC heavyweight title, or that he thinks his experience would be the key to beating the big man:

"A lot of jiu-jitsu and good standing up, make him tired man, move around, move around.  When I get his timing, hit him with a good right hand and box him, box him and get him tired. …I’m kind of calm.  I can listen to my coach.  I’ve been in there a long time.  I can see what’s going on.  I have more experience than him.  That’s a big advantage I have. …If he goes on the top into my guard, I can play with him.  Let’s see, let’s see what is going to happen."

First of all, if hot-headed homophobe Brock Lesnar even hears that Nogueira mentioned a desire to “play with him,” things are going to get ugly.  Fortunately, he doesn’t have the internet, so we should be fine.  Second of all, we know Nogueira has beaten some behemoths in his time, but that doesn’t mean he could do the same to Lesnar, for a couple of reasons.