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Gallery: Felice Herrig Bares It All In Latest ‘Muscle & Fitness’ Shoot

UFC strawweight contender Felice Herrig has never been afraid to use her sexuality as a marketing tool, and rightfully so. She’s got a rockin’ bod, for starters, and at 31 years old, she’s been a fighter in the game for longer than 90% of her competition. Why not celebrate the fruits of all that labor, I guess is what I’m saying.

Her recent shoot with Muscle & Fitness magazine, however, took things to a whole. notha. level. Taking a temporary leave of absence from MMA ever since her loss to Paige VanZant in April, Herrig bared in all — tastefully, of course — in a pictorial that brings to mind Ronda Rousey’s Maxim Hot 100 photos. I don’t know why photographers seem to have such an obsession with hand wraps and nudity, but I fully endorse it for the time being.

Check out a handful of Herrig’s scorching photos in our gallery after the jump, then head over to Muscle and Fitness to check out more.


21 MMA Ring Girls Who Have Posed Nude: A NSFW Celebration

(Nice try, Kelli. The sign out front clearly says “NO HAND BRA.”)

Since it’s been a relatively slow news week, we figured it was time to put together a gallery that’s been on our to-do list for some time — a definitive collection of every notable MMA ring girl who has posed nude. And we don’t mean that “implied nude“ bullshit, or that cutesy rear-view-only stuff. We mean fully naked, with boobies and everything. Use the “next page” links or the links below to navigate through the gallery, and keep in mind that the NSFW photos will be linked off of those landing pages, to further guard against embarrassing misunderstandings at work.

Amii Grove
Arianny Celeste
Ashley Nicole Arthur
Ashley Salazar
Ayumi Sogawa
Brandy Brewer
Brittney Palmer
Chandella Powell
Danielle Loveland
Hayley Sams
Iryna Ivanova
Jade Bryce
Jordan Daniele
Juliana Salimeni
Logan Stanton
Maria Melilo
Paige Chapman
Paizly Contreras
Poppy Thompson
Rachelle Leah
Rhian Sudgen


PHOTOS: Ronda Rousey, Naked for ESPN’s 2012 Body Issue

(Mad props: ESPN. Click for larger version.)

ESPN has released the 2012 edition of their “Body Issue,” and Strikeforce bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is not only featured nude in the massive pictorial, she actually landed one of the covers! Holy crap! Check out Ronda’s frontal shot after the jump — which reveals a tattoo that I bet you didn’t know existed — and let us know if the photos met your high expectations.

Also? My God this Maya Gabeira.


Ali Sonoma is Also Willing to Show Off Some Skin

(Nothing like a photo shoot in someone’s backyard in Simi Valley to make you feel like you’ve really arrived.)

Tremendous props to Fightlinker for this find.  Not to be outdone by the semi-nude pictures of Arianny Celeste that hit the internet this week, former UFC Octagon girl and Diego Sanchez ex-girlfriend Ali Sonoma has a charming little layout of her own at the absolutely not safe for work (even if you work at a strip club) website, Girls of Desire, via some other site called Next Door Models.

So why is Ali in her bikini on a porn site?  Are there more pictures that are just as barely tasteful but without the bikini?  Are times really that hard for a girl who once proudly carried the UFC’s Octagonal round signs?  Is this the kind of future Logan Stanton has to look forward to?

These are the questions we just don’t have answers for right now.  What we do have, after the jump, are more pictures.  Let’s call these kind of safe work, assuming the people you work with are cool with you looking at a woman’s ass in a thong.  And if they aren’t, just quit right now.  You deserve better.


Nude MMA Pickup Match Broken Up at Wal-Mart

Charles Krazy Horse Bennett
(When did Krazy Horse change his name to "Jeffrey Pickett"?)

Well this is just unfortunate. From, via CagePotato reader "Sweep the Leg":

Naked man arrested at Wal-mart
Man was looking for a Mixed Martial Arts fight
Officers with the Covington Police Department arrested a nude man looking for a fight Sunday at the Wal-Mart on Industrial Boulevard.
According to the incident report, Jeffrey Pickett said he wanted to be a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and was looking for someone to battle. MMA fighters utilize martial arts techniques from several disciplines during combat.
Pickett said he wanted to practice his tap outs, which is used by a fighter to signal he no longer wishes to continue fighting. The move is usually done once an opponent had been forced into submission.
Pickett, who undressed in parking lot, said he knew he could find someone to fight with if he were nude.

Media Assault of the Day: Rachelle Leah’s Playboy Push

(Daniel Craig interview? This is big news!)

As you probably already know, Rachelle Leah, former Octagon girl and current host of UFC All Access, appears on the cover of November’s Playboy. This isn’t related to the sport of MMA in any real way, but it’s an excuse to plaster her picture all over the place so no one is really complaining. Except there’s something weird going on here.

Below are excerpts from a Yahoo! MMA story on Leah, a story on her, and the official press release from Playboy. Two of those organizations are expected to shamelessly push this story on us. One is…not expected to do that. See if you can tell which is which without cheating:

Excerpt A:

Rachelle was an ordinary Las Vegas girl, studying to be a paramedic while doing some modeling on the side when her photo was taken at a boxing match and posted on the web. Soon after, that photo was discovered by the UFC and she was gracefully strutting around the 8-sided cage as an official Octagon Girl.

Despite promising never to climb into The Octagon for a match herself, Rachelle admits to being attracted to the kind of raw energy and excitement found at a UFC fight. “Any extreme sport is pretty much up my alley,” explains Rachelle. “I like to dirt-bike. I wakeboard in the summer. I snowboard in the winter. I skateboard—I do it all.”

Excerpt B:

Yeah, she’s Playboy’s November cover girl, which will hit newsstands on Friday. She was the UFC’s most popular octagon girl and she just signed a deal as a spokesmodel with Anheuser-Busch. While none of those jobs require a degree from Harvard, it’s selling Leah short to believe she’s making a living solely from her looks.

She is brash and thoughtful and introspective and witty and plenty crafty. She uses her share of coarse language, her conversation invariably turns to sports and, most significantly, guys, she loves – absolutely loves – mixed martial arts.

Excerpt C:

Playboy is a big deal, and has been home to pictorials from the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson to Cindy Crawford and Kim Kardashian. So when the offer to appear in the magazine (and on the cover) was presented to the 24-year old model and actress, it was something that she took very seriously.

“The main reason I did it was because to be on the cover of Playboy is a huge honor,” she said. “And I’m open-minded; I’m not the type of girl that’s like ‘oh my God, you should never be nude.’ But I am the type of girl that says you should never be nude if it’s not done right, and I knew that it was going to be done right.”

Give up? Answer key is after the jump.


News You Can Use: Rachelle Leah to Expose Erogenous Zones in Playboy

(Thanks for bringing us this photo, Chickipedia. We mean that.)

Former UFC Octagon girl and current UFC TV personality Rachelle Leah has agreed to get naked for the nation’s most respected pornographers: Playboy. Official word came from, which dropped this marvel of concise innuendo on the subject:

Rachelle Leah, the host of UFC® All Access™ has a secret and readers will read it here first. The woman who many fans consider to be the Ultimate Female is confirming rumors she will appear on the cover of the November issue of Playboy! Inside you’ll be treated to a 10-page pictorial of UFC’s favorite girl who’s now all grown up! The former Octagon Girl™ turned show host looks fierce in what can only be described as…well, we guess you’re going to have to see for youself. On newsstands in just 30 days!

Ultimate Female? Does that mean she is officially betrothed to Thunderlips, the Ultimate Male? I hear he’s single now.

Seriously, we couldn’t be happier for Rachelle. Her improbable success story is an inspiration to incredibly attractive young women everywhere, proving that no matter what those other girls at your high school who are totally just jealous say, you can make something of yourself. However, a visit to her website reveals that she’ll have to update her “About” section soon:

She has also been featured inside and on the covers of many magazines, some of which include Maxim, Men’s Fitness, 944, Playboy (clothed), Steppin’ Out, Muscle & Fitness, AXL, Vegas Magazine, and Stuff.

What a proud day it will be when she asks her webmaster to remove that parenthetical qualifier. Lest you think we’re just bandwagon jumpers, allow us to point out that we’ve been ogling Rachelle since waaaaaay back in 2007, son.


Dana White Talks Failed HBO Deal with Playboy

The good people at famed gentleman’s magazine Playboy have an interview with UFC prez Dana White in their September issue (which drops Friday, August 15) and one of the more interesting nuggets to come out of it are White’s remarks on what torpedoed the HBO deal:

“I pulled the plug at the 23rd hour. HBO was pi**ed off… I would have had to sell out, literally. They would have owned the UFC… I took meetings with HBO’s boxing guys. I’ll tell you, if I had to hear one more time about how many fu**ing Emmys they had won, I was going to dive out the window. I said ‘You won a bunch of Emmys, but I’m kicking your a** on pay-per-view.”

Awesome. Do I believe Dana White actually said that to HBO executives? Not really, but it’s still a good story. As much as people criticized him for not making the HBO deal happen, you have to respect his desire to maintain his autonomy, even if it means not blowing up big time with HBO’s Emmy factory.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dana White interview if he didn’t bash Tito Ortiz: