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Twitter Beef of the Day: Kevin Randleman Wants to “Rip a Piece” Off Matt Riddle

(Who said “Huuuge bitch!” behind my back?! Who said it?!) 

As anyone who has married friends will tell you, no matter how funny it is to let said friend complain about how terrible/annoying/insufferable their wife is, you are never to make fun of said wife unless given a direct order to do so. Apparently something of this nature went down between Kevin Randleman and Matt Riddle recently, as Randleman recently unleashed nothing short of a deluge of threats aimed at Riddle over Twitter, citing alleged comments Riddle had made to his wife as his reasoning for wanting to “rip a piece off” the TUF 7 alum.

Just check out the anger in the tweets that await you after the jump. A line has clearly been crossed.


Jorge Rivera Is Needling the Bejesus Out of Michael Bisping

(“Look, I respect Michael Bisping. Sort of.”)

When the first video of smack talk dropped, there was general amusement for everyone. Good job promoting the fight, gentlemen, now return to your corners and get ready to rock, right? Well… Jorge Rivera and RangerUp have loosed another volley at Michael “Pillowfists” “The Count” Bisping, and they’ve gone and gotten Bisping himself to appear and share his feelings on the bout.


Oh *SNAP* He Say Bisping Can’t Hit

(Damn, son.  Rivera just put you on blast in front of everybody forever.)

With UFC 126 officially behind us, it is now time to look ahead to UFC 127, and Jorge Rivera and his friends at RangerUp have already called in an insult mortar strike.  Or maybe it’s smack attack helicopter.  Napalm strike of disrespect?  Whatever.  He’s on some Black Ops shit, is all we’re saying.

Now,  this is taking trash talk to a whole ‘nother level.  Rivera scores points for keeping his name out there as a fun dude and generating interest in a fight that could have gotten lost in the shuffle, and if this actually rattles Bisping a bit and throws off his mind set?  Well, then Rivera–who by the way will turn 39 years old the day after the Bisping fight–may have another reason to sing. 


Florian Fires Back at Guillard: ‘Who Has He Beaten? What Has He Done?’

("Tell me the truth, does this haircut make me look washed-up?" PicProps: MMA Convert)

It was just a matter of time before some intrepid MMA journalist got to Kenny Florian to get his response to all that shit Melvin Guillard was talking before Fight for the Troops 2. During his appearance on our own Bum Rush podcast (and a bunch of other shows) Guillard quipped that he no longer considers Florian a top contender for the UFC title and said he thinks KenFlo should get out of the way and let some new blood have a chance. “I’ll fight Kenny Florian,” Guillard told us, “but to be honest with you, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say he’d be a pretty easy fight for me." Damn, playa. Really?

On Monday, Al Pepe of ProMMA Radio invited Florian on the air to play him some clips of Guillard talking crazy. As always, Florian was gracious and well-spoken, but when the topic of “The Young(ish) Assassin” came up, you could hear a hint of irritation creeping into his normally composed broadcast voice. Dig it, after the jump …