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Technique Video of the Day: Gracie Breakdown — UFC 133

Preparing for today’s technique video entry, we thought we’d struck gold when we ran across a video from GracieAcademy titled “143 Armlocks in 10 Minutes“. Wow, we thought to ourselves, we didn’t even realize there were that many variations. Clicking on the video to watch, we were even more impressed to find that the video in question wasn’t even a full ten minutes long! Not only are these guys knowledgeable, they’re effing fast.

Well, cue the Price is Right “aw shucks” sound effect, because we got trolled pretty hard. Turns out the video is an armbar drill — watch Ryron Gracie go from side to side, working on his form, and not a single fun variation to speak of. Well played, Gracie Academy. You may have won this time, but we’ll be back.

Luckily, right next to that video we found the customary Gracie Breakdown for UFC 133, so you can watch Ryron and Rener work through the (submissionless) UFC card, including that Costantinos Philippou attempt at an omaplata that Rogan was yelling about.

Enjoy! (Seriously, enjoy this. Don’t go through another joyless day; talk to your doctor to find out if BJJ is right for you.)



Technique Video of the Day: Fly Me Courageous

While searching for a video of Matt Horwich discussing how the flow of positive and negative energies affect the success of rubber guard (because some of you asked for “crazy shit”), we came across a few highlight videos of flying submissions. That’s interesting, we thought to ourselves, and it would no doubt keep you jerks arguing for hours about how flying subs are a waste of time. (They totally are, by the way, because they never ever ever ever work, no matter what that highlight video shows.)

So we find one guy who has an entire series of “How to do the perfect _______”, with a focus on exotic quick kills like the flying triangle and the rolling kneebar.  These two jokers take turns jumping onto one another’s necks for some kind of crazy shoulder lock called an “omaplata”, which has got to be a made-up word.  And yeah, it looks cool and all, but wouldn’t grapplers be better served learning something useful like wrestling?

But then, that would ignoring the entertainment value of breaking down one of these mythical “flying submissions”. So for your edu-tainment, check out GracieAcademy‘s walkthrough of a flying triangle.  They’re good people over there at Gracie Academy, even if they do wear their pajamas when they work out.

If you ever hit one of these loony flying gimmicks in competition, we’ll buy you a beer. Hell, we’ll buy you a few.  And if you hit one in a streetfight ….well, we’ll drive you to the hospital.  Because we’re good people, too.