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UFC Cancels March 7th Fight Night Event Rumored for Windsor, Ontario

(Remember, this “schedule” is for entertainment purposes only.)

We’re just 12 days into 2015, and the UFC is already learning that announcing an entire year’s event schedule in advance is easier said than done. MMAJunkie passes along the word that the UFC Fight Night event slated for March 7th will not be taking place. The now-deceased card was expected to air on Fight Pass, and was rumored to be held in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. No fights had been officially tied to the event. According to an official statement issued to MMAJunkie:

“While rumors of an event in Windsor had been circulating, this event was never officially confirmed or announced by UFC. UFC did consider holding a Canadian Fight Night event in March. However, the organization always strives to put on first-class events in every city, and this was proving to be a challenge within the required timeframe.”

If you look up there at the schedule, you’ll see that the March 7th date was the fifth in a string of back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back UFC events from February 14th to March 21st. Good Lord. I can’t imagine what the UFC matchmakers are going through trying to fill all these spots. However, our buddy Adam Martin suggests that there’s more to this story than simply an overloaded event schedule collapsing under its own weight:


Exclusive: Bellator to Return to Casino Rama in Ontario May 4

(Bellator: Now with twice as much maple syrup and back bacon.)

Canadian MMA fans will get a double-dose of Bellator Fighting Championships in back-to-back months this Spring. has learned that the Chicago-based promotion has secured May 4 for its second Ontario event of 2012 and that the show will take place at Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario. As we announced last week, BFC will also be holding an April 6 event in Windsor.

The May show will be the third held at the native-run casino. Both Bellator 47 and 57 took place at the venue.


Bellator Planning April 6 Event In Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor, Ontario MMA fans will likely only have to wait a few more months for their next live fight fix. has learned that Bellator Fighting Championships have penciled in an event for April 6 in Windsor, Ontario and that the event is likely to take place at Caesar’s Windsor Casino, just across the Ambassador bridge from Detroit.


Warren-Freire Featherweight Title Fight to Headline Bellator’s First Show Outside U.S. July 23 in Ontario, Canada

(Curran vs. Friere could well be one of the best fights in Bellator history.)

Bellator Fighting Championships announced today that an anticipated featherweight title bout between champion Joe Warren and season 4 tournament winner Patricio “Pitbull” Friere will act as the headliner for the promotion’s first show in Canada on July 23 in Rama, Ontario.

Bellator 47 will be part of the organization’s summer series and will take place at Casino Rama, a native-run casino just northeast of Orillia.

According to Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, the overwhelming demand for a show in Canada and the recent decision by the Ontario government to sanction MMA prompted the decision to bring an event to a popular destination like Casino Rama, where the province’s first event was held in April.

“Our fans have been asking us to come to Canada since our first season,” says Rebney. “Casino Rama is an unbelievable venue and should make for a magical night of fights at Bellator 47.”


Karo Parisyan vs. Ryan Ford in the Works for MMA Live 1 May 19 in London, Ontario

(Tattoo advantage: Ford)

A welterweight bout between UFC vet Karo “The Heat” Parisyan and Canadian prospect Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford has been submitted to the Ontario Athletic Commission for approval for MMA Live’s inaugural card May 19 at the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario, Canada.


UFC 129 Sells Out in One Day Before Tickets Go On General Sale

(Even the cornermen are considering scalping their passes for this one.)

CP 24 is reporting that just over three hour after tickets went on sale Thursday for UFC 129 – Zuffa’s landmark first show in Ontario, fans snapped up each of the 42,000 tickets, prompting the promotion to open up more seats for the Rogers Centre show to ensure that there are tickets available to the plethora of fans waiting for Friday’s UFC newsletter pre-sale and Saturday’s general sale. Although the UFC’s director of Canadian Operations, Tom Wright selling 50,000 seats for the April 30 event, which will feature a pair of championship bouts, may be “pushing it,” judging by the response, the event could very well exceed the WWE’s record attendance mark for the venue of just south of 68,000.


Canadian Medical Association Calls for Ban on MMA, Which Basically Means Nothing

(It will take one million dollars to buy our group’s support)

For about the past three years I have spent an hour or so every four to six months in the office of an old curmudgeon of an allergist in my small town in Ontario. He’s close to retirement, but he’s the best in his field bar none and he has pioneered several allergy testing techniques that have been well-documented, so I sit through the annoyance I’m about to describe.

Every visit starts the same way:

Him: Are you still writing about that crazy sport?

Me: Yep.

Him: I told you I tried to watch it once and couldn’t even get through ten minutes.

Me: Yeah, you mentioned that a few times.

Him: I just don’t understand how two men who are apparently of sound mind can get into a ring and try to knock the other guy unconscious.

Me: Well, there’s quite a bit more to the sport than that. The object isn’t to…

Him: …And how any doctor could sit there at an event and watch these two guys try to give each other brain damage. What kind of medical professionals are these guys and what kind of a society are we living in?

Me: Well, boxing is accepted by the same society and the biggest goal of a boxing match is to land as many punches to your opponent’s head to try to knock them out. MMA is different in that…

Him: …I’m not a boxing fan, but at least that sport takes a certain amount of skill and has rules.

Me: Well, I should probably get going. My meter is about to expire. See you in December.


Now That It’s Legal, What’s the Next Step in MMA Sanctioning in Ontario?

(When will Ontario see its first event?)

When the Ontario government announced a little over a week ago that it had decided to sanction mixed martial arts in the Canadian province, the news came as a very welcome surprise to pretty much all of the issue’s stakeholders.

It wasn’t the fact that the province’s Liberal majority government finally decided that MMA was on par safety-wise and skill-wise with other sports that are legally contested in Ontario, making it a no-brainer to legalize that threw so many people off; it was the fact that the announcement came without much warning or fanfare.

The then-Minister of Consumer Services (she was shuffled to a different cabinet position four days after the announcement) Sophia Aggelonitis tweeted the news early on the morning of Saturday, August 14. Within an hour of sending out her brief message, that simply stated “Ontario will move to allow mixed martial arts,” Aggelonitis’ office posted a press release regarding the decision pointing to “competitor safety and boosting local economies” as its main reasons behind its landmark decision.


Ontario Facepalms BC Docs, Votes to Sanction MMA

(Nine out of 10 British Columbian doctors were astonished to learn Dan Hardy is actually alive and well. PicProps:

Just a few days after a bunch of those crazy, socialist Canadian doctors – probably the same lot who tried to kill Brock Lesnar – called for a nationwide ban on MMA, the Ontario government announced on Saturday it will sanction the sport beginning in 2011. Take that, quacks! (OK fine, the two stories are probably unrelated, but still …)

Ontario and its capital city of Toronto opening their doors to MMA is being regarded as kind of a big deal and the news touched off some fairly hilarious quotes among the local politicians north of the border. The Canadian Press is also asserting that the UFC might hold off on Georges St. Pierre’s rematch with Josh Koscheck until the new year so it can stage that “blockbuster bout” at the Air Canada Centre or Rogers Centre. Oh Canada, so adorable with your funny spellings, earnest political discourse and relentless optimism.


Reminder: UFC Press conference Live from Toronto at 1:00 ET

Will they be announcing an unlockable Harold Howard police chase sequence for UFC Undisputed 2010?

Has the UFC bought Ontario?

Will Kalib Starnes be the latest inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame?

Will Zuffa be holding an event in Toronto in the near future?

Tune in here live at 1:00 ET to find out.

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