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Cloverfield Monster Wanders Onto Set of ‘TUF 11′ [UPDATED]

Chuck Liddell TUF 11
(Props: BloodyElbow)

We know what you’re thinking: At some point, CagePotato should stop referencing the 2008 sci-fi thriller Cloverfield, and move onto more current films like Avatar or The Bounty Hunter. To which we’d respond, "Look, he’s blurry and enormous, what do you want from us?" This recent pic, lifted from John Hackleman’s Facebook account, shows that the Chuckbelly is still in full-effect, despite Liddell’s recent naked-squat regimen. But before you start laying down money on Tito Ortiz for Chuck and Tito’s third meeting in June, we should point out that Tito’s been going through some undisclosed personal stuff that may be at least as distracting as a bloated stomach. Then again, Chuck’s been hanging out with The Situation lately, and if that’s not cause for concern, we don’t know what is.

Update, 11:21 p.m. ET: Chuck looks good from the front, and Dana White is pissed. See for yourself after the jump.