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Everything These Drunken Dumbass Brothers Needed to Know About MMA They Learned From a Chuck Liddell Highlight

(Sometimes these things happen in backyard flashlight UFC fights.)

We were reluctant to show this video of two drunken idiot brothers reenacting a Chuck Liddell highlight reel, given the heat the WWE has gotten over the years from injuries sustained by children jumping off of ladders and hitting each other with chairs, and figured why show the dark side of MMA fans?

Then we thought, these assholes aren’t kids — they’re mentally challenged grown-ass men and what better PSA is there then to show the general public how fans shouldn’t participate in the sport. Commissions conduct pre-fight medicals for a reason and aspiring fighters wear headgear, handwraps and 12 to 14-ounce gloves when they spar, not jeans and four-ounce fight gloves to compete in a headlight-lit backyard. And besides maybe Junie Browning, War Machine, Drew Fickett, and Brett Rogers, legit fighters never spar or fight when they’ve been drinking.

Check out the video after the jump. Unfortunately only one of these idiots was knocked out.