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Photos of the Day: ‘UFC on Versus 6′ Is All About the Height Difference

(From today’s press conferenceAbove: Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson. Below: Pat Barry vs. Stefan Struve. Props to MMAMania)

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson and Pat Barry will spend all fight looking up nostrils when they take on tall-for-his-weight-class Dominick Cruz and tall-for-humanity Stefan Struve (respectively) this Saturday. Don’t forget to come back to for round-by-round results from the Versus main card broadcast of UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson, starting at 9 p.m. ET. In case you’re curious, there’s a photo of Stefan Struve and Demetrious Johnson standing next to each other after the jump. Not for the faint of heart.


Gambling Addiction Enabler: ‘UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson’ Edition

As the dust settles from UFC 135, some of us out there must be itching to bet on fights that will not make us look like fools if we are wrong. Lucky for us, redemption lies around the corner, because this Saturday UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson goes down, and the odds are a hell of a lot closer than what we’re used to. Check out the fight odds below, then see if you can stomach our suggestions.

Main Card (courtesy of Best Fight Odds)
Dominick Cruz (-440) vs. Demetrious Johnson (+350)
Anthony Johnson (-180) vs. Charlie Brenneman (+158)
Matt Wiman (-210) vs. Mac Danzig (+175)
Pat Barry (-185) vs. Stefan Struve (+160)

Undercard (Courtesy of MMAValor)
Yves Edwards (-120) vs. Rafaello Oliveira (-120)
Michael Johnson (-240) vs. Paul Sass (+180)
Mike Easton (-130) vs. Jeff Hougland (even)
Shane Roller (-130) vs. T.J. Grant (even)
Josh Neer (-120) vs. Keith Wisniewski (-120)
Joseph Sandoval (-150) vs. Walel Watson (+120)


Matt Mitrione Says He Would Definitely Fight Good Friend Pat Barry for the Right Price

By CagePotato guest contributor Mike Schmitz

(Meathead says he and HD will throw down if it makes dollars and cents.)

Matt Mitrione and Pat Barry are a one-of-a-kind duo. The former training partners turned close friends are two of UFC’s most likable fighters, as goofy as can be while still possessing lethal knockout power.

They enjoy their jobs, carry a demeanor unlike most into the Octagon and definitely have fun outside of the UFC (maybe Barry more than Meathead, see Barry underwear pic).

“Pat and I really sincerely enjoy our positions,” Mitrione pointed out in an exclusive interview he did with TapouT’s Virtual Training Center on behalf of recently. “We understand that it’s a job, it’s a very, very tough boat. You get in, you earn your money or you get your ass cut and we understand that so we both respect the grind, we respect the sport, but I feel that as a result of that we enjoy it.”


Secret Stefan Struve Training Regimen *LEAKED*

Struve is planning on putting the hurt on Barry. Props: KCrigger40/YouTube

Man, fighters in the UFC have some real trouble with INFOSEC. (These guys know what we’re talking about.) Just yesterday we were able to show you footage from within Pat Barry’s camp as he prepares for the unique challenges Stefan Struve will present when the two meet up at UFC on Versus 6. The vast difference in reach means Barry will need to be creative in his striking attack.

Now we find this leaked tape from the Struve camp, and some of the drills he’s going through to prepare for the destroyer of legs.

Obviously, both guys are planning on putting on a show on 1 October. Are ya’ll ready for this?



Video: Yeah, Pat Barry’s Gonna Be Just Fine Against Stefan Struve

(Props: hypeordie via NonstopRocker03)

Well that’s one way to deal with a one-foot height disadvantage. And we all know that Stefan Struve is vulnerable to a good superman punch. Can Pat Barry actually pull that off when they meet at UFC on Versus 6 in October?

After the jump, things get even weirder. Like, uncomfortable-weird. Like, I’m not actually suggesting that you watch this next video.


Technique Video of the Day: Kick Like Duke Roufus (in Theory)

VidProps: WorldMartialArts/YouTube

Duke Roufus knows a thing or two about kicking. Also about punching. Oh, and knees and elbows, too.

Hmmm. Let’s start over…

Duke Roufus knows a thing or two about striking, and since his retirement from kickboxing competition, he’s passed along his knowledge to fighters from the Roufusport Martial Arts Academy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Pat Barry, Danny Downes, Matt Mitrione, Anthony Pettis (and his little bro Sergio), Alan Belcher, Ben Askren, and Eric Koch (and more) have all spent time with Duke sharpening their stand up skills, and Roufus has been credited with pushing innovation in MMA striking. Belcher’s cage-spring superman punch and Pettis’ Showtime Kick were both attributed to training with Roufus, because they apparently practice that kind of crazy stuff over there.

But we must remember the words of Mr Miyagi: “first learn stand, then learn fly.”

Watch this video of Roufus breaking down technique for Thai-style low kicks. Watch it twice, then go find a bamboo tree. Kick that bamboo tree until it falls. You’re now halfway to being a Roufusninja, and don’t leave us comments about how bamboo is technically grass. That’s bullshit. No one ever became a ninja by kicking grass; that’s clearly a moronic idea. You think Tony Jaa took a level in badass by kicking over blades of grass? Absolutely not. He kicked down trees and made friends with elephants.

As far as we know, Duke Roufus does not have an elephant friends. What he does have is this video of kicking technique, and you need to quit arguing and watch it.



UFC on Versus 6 Adds Barry vs Struve, Kicks Predicted

In case you wondered what the disparity looks like.    PicProps: MsTracyLee/CombatLifestyle

Well, it took our boy Pat Barry about two years to get a fight that he’s long thought would be fun: he’s set to face off with Stefan Struve in October at UFC Live on Versus 6. UFCLoV 6 (that acronym is still roughly half as ludicrous as DREAM’s last show) is expected to go down in Washington, DC; so far it has not been confirmed that all fights on the card will take place in five-sided cage dubbed The Pentagon (Trademark Pending), which will be manufactured under contract by KBR for a taxpayer cost of six million dollars.

MMAJunkie reported that verbal agreements had been made for the bout, and we assume smear campaigns and sex scandals are being developed as we speak.

Skyscraper comes into the bout off of a pretty gnarly KO loss to Travis Browne at UFC 130 in May.  For the record, Struve is 6’11″ with 83 inches of reach.

Our boy HD comes off of a KO loss as well, in a bout that you may remember with Cheick Kongo last month.  Barry stands at 5’11″ in his tighty whiteys with 74 (and 1/2) inches of reach.

This is happening, people.  There’s going to be raw viciousness and genuine dislike in the air, plus we’re going to send trained fighters who like to kick people really hard into a cage and let ‘em fight.  Should be awesome.  Did we mention this shindig is supposed to go down in DC?  Man, Congress is full of scum — won’t this hurt the sanctioning effort?



Disgusting Video of the Day: Pat Barry Loses a Wisdom Tooth

(Props: IronForgesIron)

Damn. So they really just yank ‘em out of your head, huh? Thankfully I’ve never had to get my wisdom teeth removed like the UFC heavyweight shown above, but I hear it’s The Absolute Worst. Quick poll: Most painful medical procedure you’ve ever had. Go.


Mitrione to Face Toughest Test In Kongo

By CagePotato Guest Contributor Mike Schmitz

For over a year and a half, Matt Mitrione has been all smiles.

After debuting against Marcus Jones at the Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale on December 5, 2009, he has racked up five wins – with four knockouts – while becoming a fan-favorite along the way. Despite the football mileage on his 32-year-old once injury-riddled body, Meathead is on the rise in the world of mixed martial arts. Mitrione will finally face his first big test at UFC 137 where he’ll take on 6-foot-4, 230-pound juggernaut Cheick Kongo.

Like Meathead, Kongo is coming off of a knockout victory at UFC on Versus 4 where he pulled off one of the most stunning comebacks in UFC history by knocking out Mitrione’s training partner Pat Barry. Although both fighters won their last respective bouts and will be riding the momentum into their match-up, Mitrione isn’t nearly as experienced or tested as Kongo, which could play a factor.


Pat Barry: Still Funny

Sorry, edwhitesell, we really wanted to embed this. So props, Steve Rattlesnake.

Whenever we get the chance, we like to remind everyone that Pat Barry is one of our home boys. After all, he hung out with us for like twelve minutes once at the Boston Fan Expo — that has to make us BFFs, right? He hasn’t really called us to hang out since then, but he’s really busy, you know? Training, touring, doing TapouT commercials, it eats into a guy’s time. We’ll just enjoy his comic goodness, and be here whenever he decides we’re cool again.

Anyways, like all of you, we dropped our jaws when Barry got KTFO’d out of nowhere by Cheick Kongo, but then we worried if perhaps such an impact would affect him permanently. Would he learn to walk again, and feed himself? Would he be able to recognize loved ones (like us)? Would he still be funny?