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Dana White Stands by Ban of Daley; Says Nate Diaz Post-Strikeforce Attack on ‘Mayhem’ Doesn’t Warrant Punishment

(Dana "Do as I say, not as I do" White.)

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports this week, UFC president Dana White said that he doesn’t get along with Josh Koscheck, but regardless of his feelings towards the oft loathed welterweight, what Paul Daley did to him following their UFC 113 bout is inexcusable. 

“I’m no Josh Koscheck fan. Personally, I think he’s [expletive]. We actually don’t get along very well. I like Paul Daley a lot, but what he did was inexcusable. He walked over to Koscheck and Koscheck could have thought he was coming over to shake hands or congratulate him and he took a cheap shot at him like that. If you throw a sucker punch like that after a fight in the UFC, I don’t care who you are, you’re done. He’ll never fight for us again.”

MMA GIF Party: The Daley/Koscheck Rivalry Continues

Paul Daley Josh Koscheck sucker punch gif UFC funny

Props: The "PAUL DALEY ROMOSHOP CHALLENGE" thread on the UG, and inspired by this classic. Two more good ones are after the jump.

By the way, Paul Daley has already landed on his feet following his recent firing by the UFC. According to a new report on MMA Weekly, the British sucker-punch artist is fighting on a pay-per-view show in Australia in July — this one, maybe? — and is currently in talks with DREAM, Sengoku, and MFC. Well good for you, Paul. You can’t buy that kind of publicity.


Paul Daley Releases Statement in Wake of UFC 113 Controversy and UFC Release

(Photo courtesy Esther Lin/Fanhouse)

Recently unemployed fighter Paul "Semtex" Daley released the following statement Sunday evening through the UK-based Telegraph newspaper, apologizing for his post-fight attack of opponent Josh Koscheck at Saturday night’s UFC 113 event in Montreal, Quebec:


Video: Koscheck Stands By the Phantom Knee, Accuses Daley of Gouging and Greasing

(Props: MMAFighting)

Even in victory, Josh Koscheck managed to officially become one of the greatest MMA heels of all time on Saturday night, first with his apparent acting job following Paul Daley‘s illegal knee attempt, and then with his kiss-off to the Montreal crowd, vowing that the Penguins would defeat the Canadiens in the NHL Eastern Conference semi-finals, and that he would whoop their beloved GSP when they meet later this year.

In this post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, Koscheck explains that his emotions got the better of him, and he’s sorry for his behavior during and after the fight. Just kidding! Instead, Kos makes a number of bold statements, few of which will endear him to the fans:


And Now They’re Fired: Paul Daley and Kimbo Slice Axed Following UFC 113

(Video of the Daley/Koscheck cheap shot, courtesy of LynchTheGrynch; sorry about those first eight seconds, guys.)

In case you missed the press conference, the big news coming out of UFC 113‘s post-event aftermath is that Paul Daley and Kimbo Slice have been released from the UFC. Daley suffered his first loss in the Octagon after being smothered by Josh Koscheck for three rounds in their co-headlining bout last night, then followed it up by slugging Kos after the bell (see above). As Dana White explained to reporters, the poor decision earned Daley a permanent ban from the UFC:

“He’s done. I don’t give a shit if he’s the best 170-pounder in the world. He’ll never come back here again…I’m probably the most lenient guys in sports. And this is probably one of the most lenient organizations. We’re all human, we all make mistakes, things happen. There’s no excuse for that. These guys are professional athletes. You don’t ever hit a guy blatantly after the bell like that whether you’re frustrated or not. It was probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen…I don’t care if he fights in every show all over the world and becomes the best and everybody thinks he’s the pound-for-pound best in the world. He will never fight in the UFC ever again.”

As for Kimbo, his lopsided loss to rookie TUF 10 vet Matt Mitrione was enough to seal his fate. But unlike Daley, White has nothing but respect for the former YouTube brawler:


Koscheck/Daley Winner Official for ‘TUF 12′ Coaching Gig; Plus, UFC 113 Weigh-In Results

Tom Lawlor Dan Severn UFC 113
Tom Lawlor Dan Severn UFC 113 weigh-ins
(We’re assuming he couldn’t find a big enough cross to do Kimo Leopoldo. Top pic courtesy of seandiesel.)

The rumors are true, folks. Not only will the winner of tomorrow night’s welterweight co-headliner between Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley earn a shot at Georges St. Pierre’s belt, but that fighter will also get to do a tour of duty opposite GSP on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. Dana White confirmed the news today before the UFC 113 weigh-ins at the Bell Centre in Montreal. TUF 12 will begin filming in a few weeks, and is slated to premiere on September 15th. 

As for the results of today’s weigh-ins, the numbers are after the jump. No real surprises, although the weight differences in both heavyweight bouts were close to 30 pounds. Plus, Tom Lawlor showed up to the weigh-ins as Dan Severn, following previous weigh-in tributes to Just Bleed Guy and Harold Howard.


Daley Serves Koscheck at Pre-Fight Press Conference

(Kos Ross is not impressed by your picture.)

Fan-made Photoshop contest to pick a new hairdo for Josh Koscheck: FREE

Kinko’s glossy color copy of winning entry (pictured below): $1

Look on Koscheck’s face when he is presented with the photo: PRICELESS


It’s Official: Koscheck vs. Daley Will Decide Next Challenger for GSP

Josh Koscheck Paul Daley UFC 113 Montreal
(Photo courtesy of

Here’s another reason to pay attention to the fights this weekend: At today’s UFC 113 press conference, Dana White confirmed that the winner of the co-headlining bout between Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley will be the next challenger to Georges St. Pierre‘s welterweight belt.

I’d actually be interested to see how Koscheck does in a rematch with GSP. He has the wrestling skills to stuff a takedown here and there, and his hands are more powerful than the champ’s. As long as he doesn’t focus on taking St. Pierre down like he did during their first fight in 2007 — and failing, and failing, and failing — he could keep things competitive. But my God, if Daley wins? Be prepared for the 25-minute sequel to GSP vs. Hardy that nobody asked for. Here’s the irony: Paul Daley really does have one-punch knockout power; he’s everything that the UFC hyped up/exaggerated Dan Hardy to be. The problem is, Semtex is notoriously weak on the ground, and GSP would have no trouble putting him there. We already know how this story goes, and no amount of hyperbolic promotion is going to change the outcome.

It hasn’t been officially confirmed that the Koscheck/Daley winner will coach TUF 12 opposite GSP, but rumors are pointing in that direction, and both fighters would be open to the opportunity.

Random thought: Jake Shields‘s first match in the UFC (fingers crossed) should be Paulo Thiago, and that match should produce a title contender. Discuss.


Koscheck Flip Flopping About His Game Plan for UFC 113 Fight With Daley

(Koscheck came to Montreal to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Fortunately for Daley, Josh brought plenty of bubblegum.)

Either Josh Koscheck is doing his damndest to keep upcoming opponent Paul Daley guessing about his game plan for their UFC 113 meeting or he has realized that going toe-to-toe with a guy whose hands are nearly as effective at making people’s heads spin and putting them to sleep as a Brent Brookhouse editorial, is not the best idea in the world.

Less than a week away from the May 8 bout in Montreal and Kos is giving ostensibly different answers when asked how he is planning to face "Semtex."


Video: War of Words Heating Up Between UFC 113 Opponents

(Video courtesy YouTube/

When it comes to trash talking, fighters typically fall under one of three categories: those who rely on their pre-fight banter to make up for their inferior skill set, those who don’t necessarily need to talk smack, but do because they have the skills to back up their mouths and those who should stick to fighting and leave the posturing to the pros.

Set to lock horns at UFC 113 May 8 in Montreal are two of the sport’s smack talking idiot savants, Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley. Both definitely can sell fights without saying a word, but the entertainment value of hearing the two of them go at it verbally before either throws a punch, is nearly as good as the fight itself will likely prove to be.