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With the help of our buddy Josh G., CagePotato has been officially recognized by that ultimate source of online knowledge, Wikipedia. Gone are the days when our only presence on that site was a reference to how cursed Phil Baroni’s wife is. Now we’re ready to be listed alongside such thought-provoking topics as Other Roles Played by Martin Lawrence on the TV series Martin and the Lloyds Bank turd. As you can see from the screen-cap above, there are still some doubts as to how serious of an operation we are. So if you have anything positive to add to (preferably sourced to a respectable third-party), send your suggestions to and we’ll get ‘em up. This should go without saying, but page-vandalism won’t be appreciated, even if it’s funny page-vandalism. Do us this one favor, okay?


Phil Baroni’s Mom Works at Starbucks, Makes Lattes For Matt Serra

In this talk with Fox News’s "Fight Game" it’s difficult to tell whether Phil Baroni is drunk or just on the downward slope of a career spent getting punched in the head.  It’s like that time you did a terrible karaoke rendition of "Little Red Corvette" before throwing up all over your girlfriend’s shoes.  There’s only one acceptable explanation, and it’s ‘I was drunk.’  Let’s hope the seven-dollar beers at the Mandalay Bay were to blame for how this interview turned out, and not ten years worth of abuse in the cage.   

The catalyst for this particular discussion is the UFC 109 victory by fellow New Yorker Matt Serra over one of Baroni’s Xtreme Couture training partners, Frank Trigg.  Apparently, gym loyalties are nothing compared to regional ones.  Plus, Serra goes into the Starbucks where Baroni’s mom works and gives her good tips, while all Trigg has ever done is make an awkward pass at her at Baroni’s wedding.  Yet another situation where ‘I was drunk’ is the only explanation that will suffice.   

After the jump, Eddie Bravo discusses his path to jiu-jitsu, and subtly overstates his own importance.


Slugfest Alert: Baroni vs. Davis Reported for UFC 111 [UPDATED]

Phil Baroni MMA

What do you do when you have two guys who can’t win big fights but who always put on entertaining matches? Throw ‘em in a cage together and hope for a Fight of the Night, obviously. According to MMA Mania, Phil Baroni and Marcus Davis have verbally agreed to whip the New Jersey crowd into a frenzy at UFC 111 (March 27th, Newark), supporting a card that will feature Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy and (hopefully) Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin.

After nearly five years away from the UFC, Phil Baroni returned to the Octagon at UFC 106 last month to take on TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah. Baroni came out strong in the first round, but his familiar struggles with cardio cursed him once again, and Sadollah dominated the last two rounds en route to a unanimous decision. Marcus Davis is currently on a two-fight losing streak, dropping matches to Dan Hardy (via split-decision at UFC 99) and Ben Saunders (via Thai clinch execution at UFC 106).

As a more well-rounded fighter with a much better gas tank, Davis should be a strong favorite to win this one. The question is, will Baroni be cut after losing another match, or will the UFC keep him around a while longer for their further amusement?

Update: Baroni tells MMA Weekly that he has not agreed to the fight, and may take a longer hiatus to re-evaluate his training methods.


Phil Baroni Earned His Money at UFC 106

Phil Baroni after UFC 106
(‘Best eva!’ just doesn’t have the same ring of authority when you say it through a bunch of gauze.)

Dana White posted this picture of a battered Phil Baroni to his Twitter account today, remarking "Phil baroni sent me this today and said ‘welcome back to the ufc’ phil is tough as nails!"  True, but he might also be a tough-as-nails fighter who’s worried about losing his job, hence the subtle reminder that he endured this beatdown for the UFC’s benefit, while only pocketing $25,000 for his trouble

If you needed a reminder that fighting other people in a cage was a tough way to make a living, this ought to do it.  Baroni has been in the sport for nearly a decade, and, after taxes, training costs, and management, he comes away with not even enough money to buy a new Toyota Camry.  That’s ironic considering that he now looks like someone who’s been in a pretty bad car accident.  Let’s hope his sponsors came through for him.  Let’s also hope that he’s been putting some of that money away for his retirement, which might be right around the corner.


UFC 106: Live Results + Commentary

Tito Ortiz Forrest Griffin UFC 106
(Bruce Buffer is fairly confident that Griffin will outstrike Ortiz to a unanimous decision. Joe Rogan is peaking on a DMT trip and is desperately trying to keep his shit together as Tito’s head explodes into a screaming ball of golden phosphorescence. / Photo courtesy of the UFC 106: Weigh In Pics set on

After an ancient curse claimed Brock Lesnar, Mark Coleman, Ricardo Almeida, and Karo Parisyan — and even threatened the velvet voice of Mike Goldberg — we’ve finally arrived at tonight’s bedraggled UFC event, which will be headlined by a do-over between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin. Guiding us through the action this evening is special guest liveblogger Chad Dundas; please make him feel welcome. Round-by-round results from the UFC 106 pay-per-view broadcast are after the jump, beginning at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest, and say a little prayer that Josh Koscheck doesn’t accidentally gouge his eye out in the locker room while putting on his cup.


Who Is This Imposter and What Has He Done With Phil Baroni?

(Don’t miss next week’s episode of ‘My Baroni,’ when Phil accidentally makes a date with two different ring girls on the same night!)

You may have been so excited about Tito Ortiz bringing his one-man Schadenfreude act back to the UFC that you forgot all about it, but another Octagon veteran returns at UFC 106, and it’s the NYBA himself, Phil Baroni.  When last we saw Baroni he was fending off allegations that he was pharmaceutically-enhanced before losing a one-sided decision to Joe Riggs in Strikeforce.  Now he’s one of the rare fighters to get another shot in the UFC immediately after a loss, and he takes on Amir Sadollah this Saturday night in a contest between two guys in desperate need of a win. 

So go on, Phil.  Tell us all about how bad you’re going to beat this mamaluke, or maybe something about how you’ve been avoiding having sex with your wife lately.  Come on and dazzle us.  It’s been too long and we can hardly wait to hear your new material:

“Look, I’ve said it all already,” Baroni said. “The trash talking is starting to sound like a broken record, even to me. Nothing that I say is going to affect the outcome of the fight. Nothing he says is going to affect the outcome of the fight. There is no need to hype it up because he is a big name among the fans after winning the reality show. I’m coming to reestablish myself in the UFC at his expense, and I’m sure he is coming to do the exact same thing at my expense, since he lost his last bout. …I’m done with all that, at least for now.  I’m not focused on that stuff. I’m focused on my training. I’ve got a tremendous opportunity in front of me, and I’m doing everything that I can to properly prepare so that I can take full advantage of it.”

Phil, it’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore.


CagePotato Comments of the Week: Lick, Stick, and Dick That

Lyoto Machida Rashad Evans UFC MMA
(Being a champion has its benefits. Props to caliphornia for the image, and props to imakeutap for the headline inspiration.)

Look, I gotta go catch a flight so let’s just get right into it…

agentsmith on "Phil Baroni Possibly Starring in MMA Werewolf Movie":
I guess they wanted someone who had experience in rapidly becoming stronger and more muscular via unnatural means. My advice for his potential victims is to just run… he won’t keep up for long.

Terminator on "Phil Baroni Possibly Starring in MMA Werewolf Movie":
I added something extra thanks to agentsmith’s comment. this won’t last long, so enjoy it guys.

Ed M on "Videos: Rodney King’s Next Opponent, Juan Manuel Marquez Drinks Pee + More":
Unbeknownst to Rodney, the promotion plans to allow another officer into the cage at each minute mark of the first round.

parchy mcthirst on "Tito Ortiz’s Self-Deception Skills Are Still Second to None":
he looks like a monkey that bashes its cymbals together
[Ed. note: QFT, MF]

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Phil Baroni Possibly Starring in MMA Werewolf Movie

Vampires: Old and Busted.
Werewolves: New Hotness?

According to ScreenJunkies, music video director Sxv’leithan Essex [sic] is teaming up with the producer of Rise of the Silver Surfer to bring us Growl, a story about an underground MMA fight club hunted by a family of werewolves. It’s like Fighting meets The Lost Boys meets My God This Movie Is Going to Be Terrible. Here’s the synopsis, via ShockTillYouDrop:

A traveling underground fight club called ‘The Brawlers’ arrive at a derelict ghost town tucked away in the Colorado Rockies. They meet the town’s only residents, the Maxilla family who want to buy on to the fight card. But the Maxilla family’s true intentions for the Brawler crew is soon revealed in teeth and claws. Some will be hunted, some will be feed, and some will become part of the family…whether they like it or not. Shooting begins in 2010 with a release anticipated for 2011. Early casting buzz is that Kiefer Sutherland is being courted to star.

Well sure, Mr. Lost Boy himself being a part of the production is cool and all, but does anyone else notice that the shadowy figure in the poster image on the right bears a striking resemblance to the New York Badass? We’ll let you know if Baroni can take a break from training for Amir Sadollah and beating up nerds long enough to confirm our suspicions.


Report: Phil Baroni to Take on Amir Sadollah at UFC 106

Phil Baroni MMA
Amir Sadollah MMA UFC

According to, Phil Baroni will make his return to the UFC at UFC 106 (November 21st, Las Vegas) against cursed TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah. It will be Baroni’s first Octagon appearance since his submission loss to Pete Sell at UFC 51. After leaving the UFC in 2005, Baroni competed in PRIDE, Icon Sport, and Strikeforce, among other promotions, going 5-5 as a middleweight, then 3-1 as a welterweight. He most recently dropped a decision to Joe Riggs at Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields.

Amir Sadollah’s MMA career hasn’t quite lived up to the promise of his storybook run on TUF 7, where he scored stoppage victories over Steve Byrnes, Gerald Harris, Matt Brown, and CB Dollaway (twice), despite coming into the show with a 0-0 professional record. After two separate injuries suffered in training, Sadollah finally made his return to the cage at UFC 101, 14 months after the TUF 7 finale, came in way underweight, and was TKO’d by Johny Hendricks in 29 seconds. Needless to say, both guys have a lot to prove, and the loser of their match will have to decide if he really wants to continue in a profession that’s treated him with so much cruelty. No word yet on whether this match will be on UFC 106′s televised card. Any early predictions?


Strikeforce Kicks Out Phil Baroni (Sort Of), Picks Up Matt Lindland

Phil Baroni MMA
(Kickin’ asses, breakin’ hearts, and stealin’ robes from Courtyard Marriotts. Props:

Strikeforce distributed a press release yesterday evening announcing that Phil Baroni had been released by the organization, citing Baroni’s "one-sided defeat" at the hands of Joe Riggs in June, and the fact that he’s lost four of his last seven fights. (Kind of harsh, since he’s also won three of his last four.) Said Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker: "We wish Phil the best of luck and hope he can revive his career. If he can, maybe one day, he can return and fight for us." The news was surprising for a couple reasons. First, have you ever heard of Strikeforce releasing a big name due to poor performance? It’s not like their welterweight division is so deep that they can be picky, and Baroni is a draw whether he wins or loses. Also, the vaguely negative tone of the press release seemed out of character for Strikeforce. Did something else happen behind the scenes?

The answer: Yeah, maybe. Immediately after the press release hit our inboxes, it was reported that Baroni had verbally agreed to a new contract with the UFC. The New York Badass compiled a 3-5 record in the UFC as a middleweight from 2001-2005, and was released after taking four consecutive losses. During his recent stint as a welterweight, Baroni has yet to defeat a fighter who currently holds a winning record, which seems to imply that the UFC’s offer to Baroni had more to do with sticking a thumb in Strikeforce’s eye than acquiring a promising 170-pounder. It also gives more credence to yesterday’s wild speculation about an upcoming season of TUF featuring old guys. Call us crazy now, but you’ll see.