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Gross Picture of the Day: Dominick Cruz’s Hand

(Props to @TheDomin8r)

No, this is not a scene from the upcoming (not to mention unnecessary) version of The Thing, this is just another one of UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz’s infamous post- hand surgery photos that we have all come to know and love, and then vomit after seeing. Dominick’s fragile hands have long been a recurring factor in the champ’s career. In fact, its getting hard to remember a time that he hasn’t broke his hands during a fight. This time, the injury came with his unanimous decision win over Demetrious Johnson at UFC on Versus 6. We’ll let the champ explain how the surgery went:


News You Can Use: Rachelle Leah to Expose Erogenous Zones in Playboy

(Thanks for bringing us this photo, Chickipedia. We mean that.)

Former UFC Octagon girl and current UFC TV personality Rachelle Leah has agreed to get naked for the nation’s most respected pornographers: Playboy. Official word came from, which dropped this marvel of concise innuendo on the subject:

Rachelle Leah, the host of UFC® All Access™ has a secret and readers will read it here first. The woman who many fans consider to be the Ultimate Female is confirming rumors she will appear on the cover of the November issue of Playboy! Inside you’ll be treated to a 10-page pictorial of UFC’s favorite girl who’s now all grown up! The former Octagon Girl™ turned show host looks fierce in what can only be described as…well, we guess you’re going to have to see for youself. On newsstands in just 30 days!

Ultimate Female? Does that mean she is officially betrothed to Thunderlips, the Ultimate Male? I hear he’s single now.

Seriously, we couldn’t be happier for Rachelle. Her improbable success story is an inspiration to incredibly attractive young women everywhere, proving that no matter what those other girls at your high school who are totally just jealous say, you can make something of yourself. However, a visit to her website reveals that she’ll have to update her “About” section soon:

She has also been featured inside and on the covers of many magazines, some of which include Maxim, Men’s Fitness, 944, Playboy (clothed), Steppin’ Out, Muscle & Fitness, AXL, Vegas Magazine, and Stuff.

What a proud day it will be when she asks her webmaster to remove that parenthetical qualifier. Lest you think we’re just bandwagon jumpers, allow us to point out that we’ve been ogling Rachelle since waaaaaay back in 2007, son.