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The Unofficial ‘UFC Coloring Book’ Art Contest: And the Winners Are…

(One of our favorite entries from Laura Nicholson, who we’ve disqualified because she’s friggin’ ALF and we’re inherently biased towards her.)

First off, thanks to everybody who drew new tattoos for Alan Belcher in last week’s unofficial UFC coloring book art contest, and thanks to Masato Toys for the inspiration! We’ve selected three winners who you can see after the jump. Honorable mentions go to troll-face, Bieber, and this guy. Enjoy…


CagePotato Presents: The Unofficial ‘UFC Coloring Book’ Art Contest!

(Click for larger version.)

Masato Toys recently put out an incredible (but unfortunately fake) UFC coloring book, featuring kid-friendly mazes, chest-less ring girls, and classic moments from UFC’s past. One page caught our eye in particular: The above image of Alan Belcher without his famous(ly ugly) Johnny Cash tattoo.

There’s a lot of space to cover on that arm, and we’d love to see how you’d fill it. Using Photoshop, MS Paint, or a printer and actual crayons, please draw a new tattoo for Alan onto the image and send the resulting work to BG at

A week from today, we’ll pick our three favorites who will win…well, we’re not sure yet. Maybe some CagePotato shirts if we still have some left. Maybe just some shout-outs on Twitter. Maybe nothing. That’s what makes this contest “unofficial.” Take it or leave it. Good luck everybody, and follow Masato Toys on Facebook right here.


‘Punch Buddies’ Photoshop Contest: Whose Ass Should Melvin Guillard Kick Next?

(Image courtesy of

That, my friends, is the first design from a new t-shirt line called Punch Buddies — brought to you by NGAUGE, the madmen previously responsible for Trash Talkin’ Kids. (Ed. note: TTK was literally sued to death shortly after we featured them on this site. Hopefully we can keep this new brand a secret from Hitler and Bin Laden’s lawyers.) Y’know, we’re big fans of Melvin Guillard, and we appreciate the subtle humor of this “Young Assassin” shirt. I bet you didn’t even notice that lynched klansman on fire in the background. So ironic!

Two questions: 1) Do any of you have the balls to actually wear this shirt in public? And for the brave souls who answered “yes,” 2) Would you be willing to enter a photoshop contest to get one?


Heads-Up: Voting on FLO TV T-Shirt Design Contest Begins Next Week!

Caol Uno MMA t-shirt
(Props: tj.labs)

We’ve reached the mid-way point in our fighter t-shirt design contest, and the submissions are rolling in nicely; many thanks to everybody who sent in designs. To re-ignite your competitive fires, we’ve posted some of our current favorites, which continue after the jump. Please send your entries to by Sunday, 5/30, at midnight ET. Voting on the finalists will begin the next day, and the top vote-getter will score that FLO TV Personal Television, with access to the pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 115. So get crackin’…
Chael Sonnen t-shirt MMA
(Props: Brian R.)

Georges St. Pierre t-shirt not impressed
(Props: Stevicus. Click here for larger version.)


T-Shirt Design Contest: Win a FLO TV Personal Television and UFC 115 on Pay-Per-View!

UFC Mauricio Shogun Rua Lyoto Machida FLO TV

From Clay Guida’s "Eddie the Head" tribute, to Jens Pulver as Little Mac, to Tri-Coasta’s now-ubiquitous Korean Zombie design, we’re suckers for a good custom fighter t-shirt. And since our recent MMA event poster design contest was a smashing success, we figured we should let our artistically gifted readers battle it out again in a brand-new contest: Can you design America’s Next Top Fighter T-Shirt?

Details of the contest are after the jump, but we thought it would be important to let you know what you stand to win. Short answer: Everything. You stand to win everything. Longer answer: A personal television from FLO TV, with access to the pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 115. In case you’re unaware of this lovely little device, here’s a quick rundown: The FLO TV Personal Television is a mobile handheld viewer that allows you to watch TV wherever you go, on its subscription-based network of channels. (12 months of their standard service comes included with every FLO TV.) Beginning with UFC 113, FLO TV is now a distributor of UFC PPV events, and they want one lucky member of the Potato Nation to watch Liddell vs. Franklin on his/her very own mobile television. Total street value of this prize package: About $425. Kenny Florian can vouch for this product personally, but if you need more info, go here and here. Information on FLO TV coverage areas can be found at

You want it. Here’s how to get it.