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Australian Docs Push for Stricter MMA Safety Regulation Rules Including Certification of MMA Trainers

(What I want to know is, how does he reach his instruments in his pouch?)

A group of Australian physicians that treated a 41-year-old Queensland man who suffered a stroke due to an injury he purportedly suffered during a recreational grappling class have published an article in a medical journal calling for the implementation of increased safety measures, including stricter governance of the sport’s trainers in the country.

In a report prepared by attending physicians Dr Michael Slowey, Dr Graeme Maw, and Dr Jeremy Furyk for Emergency Medicine Australasia — the journal of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine — they state that the victim originally thought he had suffered mild to moderate neck strain, but was later diagnosed with a vertebral tear that caused the stroke.

“This case highlights the risks posed by participation in sports, such as MMA, both in competition and in training,” Dr Slowey is quoted as saying. “People need to be aware of the real risk of permanent neurological damage. Although grappling is permitted in MMA, prevention of this form of injury is clearly a major problem. In this case, the patient has been advised to refrain from further participation in any form of martial arts.”

The Aussie group maintains that they aren’t calling for a ban on MMA or training, but they do ask that the government get involved in regulating the certification of trainers who teach at gyms and dojos where aspiring fighters or recreational MMA hobbyists train before incidents like this become more common.

“At the end of the day no matter what the sport is, I don’t think doctors are going to get much chance of changing the rules,” he says. “But if we make people aware of the risks then the governing bodies can take things into consideration.”