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Video: Bellator’s Pitbull Brothers Are Bad Motherf*ckers

(Video courtesy of YouTube/BellatorMMA)

If you haven’t been following Bellator this season, you’ve been missing out on some great fights, most of which have involved two Brazilian brothers with the same name. The Pitbull brothers, Patricky (9-1) and Patricio(15-1) Freire have proven themselves to be two of the most dynamic fighters Bellator has, serving up heaping helpings of flying-knee and one-punch KOs on MTV2 every time out this year.

In spite of their recent emergence from seeming obscurity, the brothers Freire — who happen to train with MMA’s most famous brothers with the same name, the Nogueiras — didn’t just become badasses; they’ve both been bad motherfuckers for some time.


Bellator XXVII, Where the Wind Comes to Sweep You Off Your Base

“It’s always darkest just before the dawn.  Also during a knockout.”

Another day at the office for those tournament-throwin’ characters in Bellator, with an earlier start time meant to stay out of Big Daddy Zuffa’s sun and results guaranteed to make us look like we have no friggin’ clue what we’re talking about.  For the record, the CagePotato picks for the featherweight quarterfinals in Concho, Oklahoma were Larkin, Reis, Karakhanyan, and Straus.  So who’s up, who’s down, and who choked?  If necessary, re-introduce yourselves to the 145ers, then come on in for quick results from the event.

Just don’t mention last night’s UFC event.  Some of us are wearing our Pride shirts in mourning.