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[Video] Gilbert Yvel Renders Alexander Unconscious, Maurice Smith Head Kicks Father Time at RFA 2

Yvel vs Alexander (spoiler: no flying triangles)

We may be in the midst of a Zuffa drought, but that doesn’t mean we must thirst for knockouts. Last night Resurrection Fighting Alliance hooked up with Sherdog to bring you a live stream of their second card, which featured a pair of heavy hitters and a pioneer of the sport. Jens Pulver also returned to action for the promotion, though thankfully it was in the announcer’s booth this time.

The evening’s main event promised brain damage, and it lived up to our expectations. Houston Alexander displayed the one-strike power that launched his UFC-career, stammering Gilbert Yvel with an overhand right before knocking him down with a leg kick all in the opening thirty seconds of the bout. Yvel looked reserved in his second bout as a light-heavyweight, though against a brawler like Alexander pretty much everyone looks passive. “The Hurricane” started to open up in the latter half of the first round, and with just over a minute remaining on the clock he connected with a left hook that rocked Alexander followed by a big right hand that dropped him face first to the canvas–time to update our planking homage. That’s two straight wins for the recently re-invented 205′er and the second consecutive knockout loss for “The Assassin”.

Join us after the jump for videos and recaps of the Maurice Smith-Jorge Cordoba and Tara LaRosa-Kelly Warren bouts.


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Another Fad Stolen From MMA: Planking

(Nothing strange about doing this in public. Image courtesy of

If you haven’t heard of this latest hipster craze, Planking (AKA The Lying Down Game) is when a person lays flat on their back or stomach and stiff as a board in a random location and someone snaps a photo of them. Ingenious, isn’t it?

Anyway, there have been several variations of where “Planking” originated, but really you need look no further than our beloved sport if you want to know the true roots of the fad.

Check out the gallery after the jump of MMA fighters planking, before there was a name for what they were doing.


Shocking Video of the Day: The Objectification of Jake Shields

This shocking video was pulled directly from the YouTube account of one of the alleged participants.

Good morning, everyone. We’d like to think that all is well in the world, but then we checked our YouTube subscriptions and saw this. MMA superstar Jake Shields is taking time out to sign autographs and greet fans, when an ugly scene of sexual harassment breaks out. Sure, it seems like everyone is just having some fun and it’s no big deal, but this is why we need to educate young athletes on the dangers of being taken advantage of.

If you can stomach it, click on the video and watch as MMA photographer Tracy Lee coerces young Shields into viewing explicit pictures of “planking”, a practice so suggestive and offensive we can’t even find a suitable link that wouldn’t make your computers immediately contract the binary version of the bad AIDS. As you can tell by Shields’ reaction, the pictures are shocking (and possibly illegal in the continental US). After showing Shields these hardcore pictures of other individuals performing this “planking” nonsense, Lee and her friends use applied psychology tricks to gradually erode the moral boundaries that make Jake Shields an upstanding role model for children.

It’s clear in the video that Shields just wants to please, as he reluctantly goes along with the idea to perform this “planking” with Lee, even while he expresses reservations that he could face some sort of trouble if things go awry. It’s possible that Shields naively believes that Lee and her friends will keep the footage to themselves, and his exploitation will go undiscovered. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard similar stories of young actors trying desperately to get ahead and being caught up in similar schemes, doing humiliating things on camera in hopes of being noticed.