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Make Your Monday a Bit Better With the Last Episode of ‘The Bum Rush Radio Show’ of 2011

If you missed listening to the festivities live last week, we finally got around to uploading our interactive 30th episode of The Bum Rush Radio Show that we recorded on Thursday. Between audio issues and server downtime over the weekend, we were unable to bring you this dose of sweet ear candy until today, but at least you’ve got something to help you through your hangover…er Monday.

Joining us on this 2011 retrospective instalment of show were some of your favorite contributors including Jason Moles, Jared Jones and Seth Falvo. Also calling in to voice their opinions on the year’s biggest stories and UFC 141 were comment section regulars Remedial and karmaatemycat.


Reminder: Join Us Today at 3:00 pm ET for a Live and Interactive Year-End Episode of “The Bum Rush Radio Show’

(He took a shot every time Xenophon mentioned a conspiracy theory.)

Just a friendly reminder that we’ll be heading over to the Cage Potato Radio Network Studios to tape our last episode of our widely popular “The Bum Rush Radio Show” podcast of 2011 and we’d love you to join us.

Ok, we lied. There is no studio and we probably should have replaced the word “widely” with “moderately,” but we have fun taping the show and that’s all that matters, right? It’s not about winning or losing, unless you’re the winner.

Anyway, we’ll be breaking down this Friday night’s UFC 141 card, going through some of the year’s biggest stories and taking calls from some of you hooligans.

Grab a bottle of bourbon and a shot glass and get in here. It should be fun, or at least more fun than work.


The Bum Rush Interview Series: Tyron Woodley Talks New Gym, Next Fight and PEDs in MMA

We had the opportunity to speak with Strikeforce welterweight contender Tyron Woodley yesterday ahead of the busy grand opening weekend of his St. Louis American Top Team affiliate gym, ATT Evolution and we touched on a variety of topics including his upcoming bout with Canadian prospect Jordan Mein, his gym’s revolutionary youth program and the rampant use of PEDs in the sport. We also touched on his thoughts on the inevitable GSP-Diaz match-up and why he thinks Stockton’s best fighter was right to turn down a fight with him.

You can download the interview directly HERE if you aren’t subscribed to The Bum Rush on iTunes.

Check out the highlights of our chat with T-Wood after the jump.


Make an Hour of Your Day a Bit More Entertaining and Check Out The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 29

If you’re looking for something to do this afternoon while you pretend to be busy at work, get out those TPS reports, lock your office door and turn on the latest episode of The Bum Rush Radio Show so you can fool your bosses into thinking you’re hard at work.

On this episode Ben, Mike and Jared break down the main card of Saturday’s UFC 140 event in Toronto and give their thoughts on some of the hot button topics of the week.


Check Out The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 28 and Make Your Friday Go by a Little Faster

The Bum Rush is back this week with a short and sweet version of the show. In this episode Ben and Mike run through last weekend’s UFC 137 card and the week’s top stories lightning-round-style.


Check Out The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 27 with Gil Martinez

Well, The Bum Rush Radio Show is finally back in your lives after a brief hiatus. Whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen. Our relationship with you is like Sid’s was with Nancy; you can’t live without us, but sometimes we drive you insane and we’re cool with that. We’ll hide the knives and the heroin and we’ll continue to get along just fine.

Anyway, our special guest this week is acclaimed Xtreme Couture head boxing coach Gil Martinez who is in the final stages of preparations for Gray Maynard’s championship rematch with Frankie Edgar. We talk to Gil about his thoughts on the bout and we find out what he thought about the Ortiz-Mayweather debacle.

Also on the show, we formally meet our new part-time staff member Jared “DangadaDang” Jones as he, Ben and Mike discuss the top news of the week, last week’s UFC 135 event, and the last UFC on Versus card coming up tomorrow.


Check Out The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 26 With Special Guest Loretta Hunt

Veteran MMA reporter Loretta Hunt joins the show this week to talk about her latest book, “Let’s Get It On! The Making of MMA and Its Ultimate Referee,” which she co-wrote with “Big” John McCarthy and is available in bookstores and on Amazon now.

Hunt touched on the process of crafting the story as well as some of the things she learned while interviewing the revered referee for the book among other topics.


The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 23: Short and Sweet Patriotic Long Weekend Edition

(Your country likes to party; our country likes to party. Why not make it a long weekend for both of us?)

If you’re like us, you’re sitting watching the clock waiting for today to be over so you can rip into the long weekend…unless of course you’re one of our Canadian readers, in which case you bastards are probably already sitting on a patio somewhere in a drunken haze trying to explain to oblivious onlookers the inside joke about Chocolate Al.

Do you buy gifts for each other on Canada day, or just drink in its honor?

Anyway, hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Canada Day/4th of July weekend. Give this abridged version of The Bum Rush a listen and waste an hour of your Friday. We were supposed to have our favorite MMA interviewer Karyn Bryant on this episode, but a last-minute scheduling conflict pushed her appearance back until the next show in two weeks. Chris Coleman also tried his damndest to be on the show, but technology foiled his efforts.


Check Out The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 22 Featuring the Return of ReX

The Bum Rush is back this week and the most notable change is ReX13 returned for his first show in months. On this episode the guys share their thoughts on the week’s news stories and give their predictions for this weekend’s UFC 131 show and next weekend’s Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum event. They also (begrudgingly) get into a brief discussion about “cuntygate” and an uncomfortable segment on ReX’s fascination with Tito Ortiz’s penis.


Check Out The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 20 With Special Guest, UFC Welterweight Standout Rory MacDonald

If you’re looking for something to do this afternoon to waste some time while you wait for Steve Carell’s final episode of The Office, The Royal Wedding or Cage Potato’s Banned Party, look no further than the latest episode of our massively popular (OK, mildly popular) podcast.