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[VIDEO] Check Out This HORRIFIC Arm Break From a Polish MMA Fight

(Jesus, it’s like that time I asked Cris Cyborg to give me a Dutch Rudder all over again.)

From the time Corey Hill nearly kicked his own foot off to Frank Mir’s arm-shattering kimura on Big Nog to whatever the f*ck this is supposed to be, it would be safe to say that us MMA fans have been privy to some absolutely horrendous bone breaks over the years. Yet no matter how gruesome the injury is, we continuously find ourselves drawn toward them, replaying the nasty injuries on a loop like a white chick with a zit-popping compilation.

In Poland last weekend, we were treated to another real doozy of an arm break on the HFO 2 Kunlun Elimination 2016 undercard. During a match between two unnamed amateurs, the fellow in the blue-taped gloves above attempted to counter a Harai Goshi throw by placing his arm on the mat. A quick reminder: NEVER, EVER TRY THIS.

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UFC Looks to Make Poland Debut Next October as Part of 2014 ‘European Tour’

(“What were you saying about a solar-powered flashlight, YOU SON OF A BITCH??” / Pudz-Sapp photo via Sherdog)

Long dominated by embarrassing freak show fights involving beefed-up circus strongmen, the Polish MMA scene could use an injection of legitimacy. Luckily, the UFC is looking to hold its first event there next October in the city of Lodz, according to an MMAJunkie report citing UFC executive vice president Garry Cook. A date and venue have not yet been confirmed.

The Poland event will be part of the UFC’s 2014 “European Tour,” in which Ireland, Sweden, Germany, and even Turkey will host smaller-scale events focusing on local talent. As Junkie explains:

The tour is expected to include a half-dozen European cities and will have a unique look and feel, compared to other UFC shows. Additionally, the start times won’t be geared toward North American audiences (in other words, expect late-morning/early-afternoon broadcast times in the U.S. and Canada), and local fighters will be signed to help fill out the regional cards.


Worst… Street Fight… Ever [VIDEO]

(Video courtesy of LiveLeak)

When a guy announces prior to a street fight that he “knows karate,” you pretty much know he’s full of shit. This dude from Poland decided to demonstrate the katas he learned as a young boy on a seemingly unwilling victim, and narrated the entire altercation.

Besides a whole lot of rolling around and a few face-slaps, not a whole lot happens, but not because he wasn’t trying. He whiffs on a soccer kick as his opponent is getting back to his feet and tries to land the perfect punch, to no avail. I wonder if he realizes that the people watching aren’t laughing with him?


Photo of the Day: Apparently in Poland MMA Judging is Much Different Than it is Here

We got the following snapshot of one of the judge’s scorecards from Saturday night’s KSW 17 show from a reader today and we’re still trying to decipher what the hell it means.


Wait, What?: Matt Lindland Is Fighting Tomorrow in Poland, I Guess

Matt Lindland Strikeforce Robbie Lawler knockout MMA photos
(“Hey man, look on the bright side — if you had won, it would have ruined my parlay bet.”)

Talk about flying under the radar. Not sure how this slipped past us until just now, but apparently MMA veteran Matt Lindland will be facing Mamed Khalidov in the co-main event of KSW 16, tomorrow in Gdansk, Poland. (Remember when it was mentioned at Chael Sonnen’s appeals hearing that Lindland couldn’t be at the proceedings because he was in Poland? Yeah, that’s why.)

Lindland, who has suffered first-round stoppage losses in three of his last four fights, is coming off a brain-melting knockout loss to Robbie Lawler last December. Khalidov is on a two-fight win streak, and is returning to action after his quick, predictable submission of James Irvin at KSW’s last event in March.

KSW’s main event will be a heavyweight wheeze-off between strongman-turned-fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski — who’s coming off his submission-via-punches win over Butterbean — and James Thompson, who has secured just one victory in his last ten fights. I appreciated this bit from Sherdog’s weigh-in report:


KSW 15: Bad Night for James Irvin, Great Night for Neo-Nazis

James Irvin KSW weigh ins mamed khalidov MMA photos
(Seven pounds over, and dropping his shorts just in case. Positivity’s a great thing, James, but sometimes you have to meet it halfway. Props: mmanewspl)

Just two weeks after it was announced that he blew a steroid test back in California, cursed UFC veteran James Irvin was back in action last night in the main event of KSW 15 in Warsaw. And if you thought this would a redemptive performance for the Sandman, then buddy, you don’t know James Irvin. The bout was held at a catchweight after Irvin came in juuuuuust a bit heavy for his scheduled middleweight title fight against Mamed Khalidov. His initial weigh-in tipped the scales at 197 pounds12 over the limit — but after four hours in the sauna, Irvin managed to get down to 192, and the match went on at a catchweight — with the middleweight belt still on the line, for some reason.

Anyway, the numbers don’t really matter. Khalidov opened the bout with a spinning back kick (as he tends to do), then dropped to his back when it didn’t connect. Irvin dived on for some ground-and-pound, and was immediately caught in an armbar. The fight was over in 33 seconds. On the bright side, Irvin didn’t leave the fight badly injured, as we assumed he would. Hopefully that’s the last time that Irvin accepts a fight at middleweight…on short notice…overseas…against a really tough opponent…when he has a drug suspension hanging over his head.


Mariusz Pudzianowski’s Next Opponent: This Fat Guy

Five months after hacking through Marcin Najman in his MMA debut, five-time World’s Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski will return to the cage at KSW 13 (May 7th, Warsaw), likely against 40-year-old Polish fighter Robert Paczków. A former Greco-Roman wrestling competitor and Sumo champion, Paczków’s only MMA fight took place at a Cage Rage event in December 2007 against TUF 10 vet James McSweeney, who was 1-0 at the time. As you can see in the video above, McSweeney was taken down and smothered by the 300+ pound Pole in short order. At the vid’s 2:10 mark, McSweeney is forced to tap to what the ring announcer calls an "arm choke," but what looked more like a reverse mooboplata from our angle. Though Pudzianowski will still enjoy a strength advantage against Paczków, it’ll be interesting to see if Paczków’s sheer girth and grappling prowess will pose problems for the 33-year-old strongman. If you can read Polish, you’ll find more info on KSW 13 right here.

After the jump: A rockin’ music video from Mariusz and his brother Krystian (aka Pudzian Band). Plus, Mariusz shows off his pad on the Polish version of MTV Cribs.