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Luke Cummo Wanted by Police for Threatening Ex-Wife, Releases New Vlogs While in Hiding [WTF, DUDE]

(Man, even Luke’s selfies are weird. / Photo via Luke’s Instagram.)

Former UFC fighter/current schizophrenic video-blogger Luke Cummo is wanted by the police, reports the New York Post.

Their report claims that Cummo sent threatening emails to his ex-wife, which prompted the police to visit Cummo’s home in Valley Stream, NY.

However, videos on Luke Cummo’s YouTube channel tell a slightly different story, specifically a video he posted yesterday. First of all, he seems to believe that his ex-wife was threatened by his videos rather than any email he sent her. He made this claim on a phone call with a friend, after the New York Post broke the news. (Cummo asked his friend what the headline said, presumably referring to the Post article.) He also referenced the amount of cops that showed up to his house. In this same video, he offered to sell medicinal pot.

On November 4th, Cummo posted a more depressing video. He telephoned a deputy sheriff who informed Cummo that a warrant was out for his arrest and that he missed a court date (judging from his other videos, this wasn’t the first time he missed court). The video took a heart-wrenching turn when Cummo called his father, who tried to talk some sense into his son but to no avail.


Help Chris Lytle Help Others

“Good morning, parents. My name is Chris, and I’ll be watching over your children.”

In between putting out fires and collecting bonus checks, fan-favorite Chris Lytle has been working with the Indianapolis Police Department to establish an MMA Training program for at-risk youth and veterans suffering from PTSD. Their “Police Athletic League” is seeking a $50,000 grant from Pepsi’s Refresh Everything project.

Programs like this give children self-esteem and support through positive mentoring and can have a huge impact on a child’s life, but more importantly they make it less likely that we’d have to suffer through piss poor YouTube scraps in the near future. Give “Lights Out” some support- you can vote for his program online or by texting 106352 to “Pepsi” (73774) daily now through the end of the month. Lytle’s PAL program is falling behind many others, including an initiative to buy a youth photography club more cameras—BORING!–so do your part and vote.


UFC Lightweight Josh Neer Arrested After Hit-and-Run

(Nice stoppage, ref. Where were you when Josh was pouring himself his 14th rum-and-coke?)

Some people really know how to ring in the new year. Other people, like Josh Neer for example, completely suck at it. "The Dentist" — who most recently dropped a split decision to Nate Diaz at UFC Fight Night 15 in September — got involved in a Quinton Jackson-esque vehicular tantrum last night in Des Moines, Iowa, which ended with him being arrested and taken to jail. Here’s MMA Weekly’s version of the incident

Neer apparently hit a car from behind at a red stoplight. That car then rear-ended a police car that was stopped for the light. Reportedly driving a black Audi Quattro, Neer then allegedly pulled out, crossing oncoming traffic and leading police on a chase.
The report goes on to say that police attempted to stop the Audi by hitting the back quarter panel of the car with a squad car. The Audi spun around, but [Neer] regained control. The chase eventually wound up on Interstate 80, reportedly reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph in a 65 mph speed zone. The chase finally ended at mile marker 137, where police arrested Neer.

Sherdog adds more details:

Neer, 25, faces charges of Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated, hit-and-run, eluding police and other traffic violations, according to Sgt. Jeff Phillips with the Des Moines Police Department. This was Neer’s second OWI offense. Eluding police is a felony charge…
[P]olice reportedly deployed spike strips in an attempt to bring the pursuit to an end. Neer was arrested after blowing a tire and later posted bail. Neer was released at 8:26 a.m. CST from Polk County Jail on $2,000 bond for the OWI and $5,000 for the felony eluding.

Good lord, man. What part of "Enjoy Responsibly" did you not understand? No official statement has been released by the UFC at this point, and Neer is still scheduled to take on Mac Danzig at UFC Fight Night 17 (February 7th; Tampa, Florida).


The Cops Just Had to Mess with Rampage Jackson

In this video interview with CBS, Rampage Jackson discusses some of the wacky goings-on in his mind around the time of his arrest, and does his best to explain it. You see, he didn’t think he was God. He thought he was a God. That is, until the police took the opportunity to be total jerks to him, thus reminding him that he was indeed mortal. Because a God wouldn’t have taken no lip off no cops.

It’s somewhat reassuring to see that there was a type of logical process at work in Rampage’s mind — God is his father, he is God’s son, so he must also, through hereditary processes, be a God himself. That actually makes some degree of sense in a Grecian myth kind of way. Think Zeus and Hercules and all that. And if Hercules were alive today, wouldn’t he be an MMA fighter? I’d like to think so.

The fact that it took the cops being assholes to him for Rampage to realize how crazy this all was is probably the strangest aspect of the story. He seems to have been genuinely affected by that. It’s got to be the first time in history that the cops did something good by mocking people in a vulnerable state who were in their custody. Also probably the last time.

Here’s the rambling, bizarre CBS interview, where Rampage details more potential mistreatment at the hands of the police and talks about what led to his eventual breakdown. He claims the police were calling their friends on their cell phones to brag that they had him in the car, while also “chastising” him for trying to preach to them. He also admits that he doesn’t completely remember what he was saying, and sounds at times like he might not be all the way back from his bout with delirium.


Breaking: Amir Sadollah Tasered by Police

(Props: MMAFightGirls)

No, not after a high-speed chase. This actually went down during a recent seminar at the Fairfax County Police Department, where SWAT officers convinced Amir to get “tazed” for a demonstration. Looks like someone’s earning their $50 a day


Sean Gannon to Re-Emerge From Obscurity?

Sean Gannon Kimbo Slice fight
(And now that anonymous bald man in the sweat pants is landing magazine covers and headlining a show on CBS. God bless America.) is passing along the rumor that EliteXC is working to get Kimbo Slice in the cage with Sean Gannon, the Boston police officer and former Golden Gloves champion who put Kimbo down for the 30-count during an unregulated basement brawl in 2004. As Slice has said, “I would literally give my left nut — but I wouldn’t tell anybody — to fight him again.” Slice’s fight with Gannon was a chaotic mess, hampered by a lack of clarity on the rules; Kimbo thought it would be bare-knuckle boxing like his previous fights, and was thrown off when Gannon began throwing knees and attempting choke-holds. Gannon’s subsequent notoriety landed him a shot in the UFC, where he got his ass kicked by Branden Lee Hinkle at UFC 55. Jesus Christ, did those guys tie their wagon to the wrong Internet fighter or what?

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time I saw Gannon’s name today. He was actually name-checked today in a Wall Street Journal article (!) about police officers who moonlight as MMA fighters:

Some of the biggest names in this sport, whose main league is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, are police officers. Sean “the Cannon” Gannon, a Boston police officer, achieved notoriety when he defeated street fighter Kimbo Slice in a bare-knuckles, backyard brawl. “Big John” McCarthy is the most well-known referee; he just retired from his day job as defensive-tactics instructor for the Los Angeles Police Department…

Forrest Griffin, who ranks among the top six light heavyweights in the world, quit his job as an officer in Augusta, Ga., four years ago to become a professional fighter. He first became interested in fighting in 1999, when he trained at the police academy. Though Mr. Griffin, 29, misses some things about being a police officer — like high-speed chases — he says quitting was an easy decision. “It was like, do you want to play in the NBA or do you want to be a cop?” he says. “Everyone wants to make lots of money to be on TV.”