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UFC 154 Video: Carlos Condit’s Political Attack Ad Against Georges St. Pierre

(Props: UFC)

Carlos Condit‘s platform of “Knockouts…Knockouts…Shorts” may sound nice, but his last fight proved that he’s beholden to the same special interests that Georges St. Pierre is. For real change in the welterweight division, you should go with the third-party candidate.

Actually, the first thing this video makes me think about is all the Americans who will buy the UFC 154 pay-per-view next month but won’t bother to vote in the presidential election next week. Get it together, people. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to bitch and moan for the next four years when your guy loses.


[VIDEO] The Culinary Union Attacks Mandy Moore & The UFC In Latest Propaganda Piece

(Forget Mandy Moore, but Kim Kardashian? Now there’s a role model we can all support!) 


In what is undoubtedly a new low for the hypocritical, sciolistic dingbats behind the anti-UFC machine known as The Culinary Union, a video was recently released attacking the UFC’s sweetheart, Mandy Moore, as a result of her long time ties with the promotion. Beautiful, innocent, harmless Mandy Moore. Using the same blissfully ignorant and fact-less approach as fellow propaganda pushers The April and Wayne Show, The Union’s newest video is little more than a two minute smear campaign aimed at the UFC, using footage of everything from Dana White’s rant against Loretta Hunt to Rampage Jackson’s near impregnating of a certain CP reporter as “evidence” that Ms. Moore (and any other UFC proponent, for that matter) is unfit to be a role model for our children. IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE, YOU GUYS.

Video after the jump. Caution: It may cause unexpected, rage-induced nosebleeds. 


CagePotato PSA: Citizens of State District 28, Vote Chris Lytle for Indiana State Senate [VIDEO]

Chris Lytle Lights Out UFC MMA photos
(“Lights Out” is looking to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “debate circuit.”) 

Here at CP, we usually shy away from sharing our political opinions with one another, let alone you, our esteemed audience. Politics is a nasty business, nastier than any combat sport could ever claim to be, and discussing it often ends in much less hilarious fashion than our MMA-themed debates.

But when retired UFC legend Chris Lytle announced that he would be vying for a seat in the Indiana State Senate, we decided to put our various affiliations aside and rally behind one of the greatest figures the sport has ever seen. Because when we can come to an agreement with Dana White on anything, it must be for the greater good, right? Obviously Tapout co-founder and incredibly talented director Bobby Razak agrees that Lytle is the man to begin America’s return to greatness, starting with Indiana’s 28th District, and put together the following campaign ad for “Lights Out.” Unfortunately absent from the video are any highlights from Lytle’s highlight-abundant career, but that’s probably for the better.

In either case, check out the campaign video after the jump, then somehow turn this into a heated debate on Obama vs. Romney, because we know you will.