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By the Way, The Ultimate Fighter: Smashes Started Filming Today

(You call ‘at a breedge? Check out old Albert and get back at me, you tosser.) 

And go figure, the British Team is already being called “cocky.” In case you had already forgotten, the “hit” reality show recently announced its coaches for both the 16th season of the show here in America and the second international season. Pitting the United Kingdom against Australia, TUF: Smashes began filming today, according to a report by When asked how the first stages of shooting were going, UFC President Dana White told the Herald Sun that the British team, going against everything we have ever learned about them, are acting unnecessarily arrogant in the presence of their Aussie opponents:

Because MMA is newer here than it is to the United States and the UK, and this happened when the US fought the UK, the US were very cocky and that they felt like you know, `there’s not enough good guys over there.’ Well that’s the way the UK is acting right now and when you underestimate your opponent, that’s when you get your ass kicked.


Oh, Jeez. Frank Shamrock is Getting His Own Reality Show About His Crusade to Get MMA Legalized in New York

(“…and there is nothing naked about a rear-naked choke.”)

Having Frank Shamrock represent MMA in trying to convince the New York State Senate to legalize MMA is like having George W. Bush represent the human race in trying to convince aliens that the human race is an intelligent species.

Leave it to the most self-aggrandizing fighter in the sport, though, to jump in where his help isn’t needed. The former fighter, who dubbed himself “The Legend,” is working on a new reality show called “Ungloved,” that follows him as he lobbies for MMA legalization in the hold-out state. While filming in New York during the legalization rally and Strikeforce fan event on Tuesday, Shamrock visited the state legislature to try to convince them to legalize the sport.

Not surprisingly, the cocky Strikeforce commentator who created an anti-bullying organization in response to how he felt when UFC president Dana White publicly criticized him, went into the meetings with lawmakers unprepared, telling reporters that he did no homework or research about the stances of those in opposition like Assemblyman Bob Reilly.