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Here’s the Video of That Prank Akira Corassani Pulled on Frankie Edgar

Remember when we posted that photo of Frankie Edgar getting his BMW M5 “towed” away by repo men? Well, it turns out that the mastermind behind the prank, TUF 14′s Akira Corassani, even went as far as to hire actors hooked up with some Mission Impossible-esque camera glasses to capture the whole thing on video. The man is like the Swedish Ashton Kutcher. But although he’s come a long way from shaving castmates hair in their sleep, he will never match the whip-it gag Kelso managed to pull on Demi Moore a couple weeks ago. That was like the Thomas Crown Affair of modern day pranks.


Video: Rener Gracie Punks Everybody With the Old ‘Help Me Move This Grappling Dummy’ Prank

(Props: GracieAcademy via BloodyElbow)

In a way, it’s perfectly fitting that this video would come out the same day that Ryan Dunn died. Dunn was perhaps best known from that infamous scene in Jackass: The Movie in which he stuffed a toy car up his ass then went to the doctor complaining of a stomach ache. (Is it ironic that his tragic passing was car-related? I still don’t know what the word “ironic” means.)

Assuming there’s YouTube in the afterlife, I think Dunn would appreciate this prank. Instructional video star Rener Gracie dresses his associate Brian Ortega up as Bubba the Grappling Dummy, then films the reaction of people who are asked to retrieve him from Rener’s office at the Gracie Academy. Personally, my favorite reaction is the dude at 2:55 who gets his balls grabbed (“God damn you. You suck!”), and Grand Master Rorion at 5:07, who manages to keep control of the situation. Good times. RIP, Ryan.