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Video: Watch Brendan Schaub and Johny Hendricks Get Punked by Ecko and the ‘Will It Blend’ Guy

(“Are you getting a Pulp Fiction vibe right now?”)

Ecko Unlimited pulled a pretty good prank on two of its sponsored fighters recently.

Duping UFC vets Johny Hendricks and Brendan Schaub into participating in a training session by an escape artist (who was actually just an Ecko employee) at Ecko HQ, reps from the clothing brand brought in the dude from “Will It Blend” to destroy one of the duo’s phones. Unable to escape from the chair he was tied up to, Schaub, who lost the coin toss, watched in horror and anger as his precious cell, that he assumed was not backed up, was dropped into the blender and turned on.

Brendan usually comes off as a fairly happy and easygoing guy, but anyone who has lost all of the data on their phone can relate to how upset he was.

Check out the hilarious video after the jump.


Photo of the Day: Frankie Edgar Takes Being Pranked By Teammates Like a Champ

Frankie Edgar is one of the most easygoing, respectful and likeable fighters in the UFC, so it’s no wonder that he was able to laugh off a prank that was pulled on him by his teammates and a media outlet earlier this week.

According to “The Answer’s” Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach Ricardo Almeida, Yahoo! Sports orchestrated the stunt in which a phony repo man attempted to tow away the UFC lightweight champ’s BMW from the parking lot of Almeida’s school in South Jersey.


Here’s the Best UFC 133 Preview You’ll See All Day

(Video courtesy of YouTube/UFC)

It’s amazing that the UFC marketing department can release what likely started off as an inter-office gag and it becomes more popular than the actual hype videos they release for the event, especially when you think it probably didn’t take their video editing team more than an hour to make it.


Cro Cop Knows What You’ve Been Saying About Him

(‘I am here to pick up your daughter. There is dowry, yes?’)

In a recent entry to his blog, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic addresses his recovery (it’s going well) and the possibility of a fight with Alistair Overeem in Dream (he’s all for it). But what’s more interesting is that Cro Cop seems well-aware that most MMA fans believe his best days are behind him and, dammit, he’s motivated by it:

I see many people speaking about me as a washed-up fighter but this is just another boost to my motivation. I’m working hard to get back on track and meeting and defeating strong competitors in the ring is all that I think of nowdays.

Man, of all the once-heralded, now-mostly-forgotten fighters from Pride, the collapse of Cro Cop has to be the most disappointing. If it takes us saying that to get him to become a serious fighter again (and no, scheduling and then pulling out of grappling matches against members of the Gracie family doesn’t count), then it’s worth it. Even if Cro Cop gets mad and plays crazy pranks involving assault rifles on us:

Cro Cop Assault Rifle Prank – Watch more free videos