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21 Highly Disturbing Examples of MMA Fan Art

(The Predator in five-ounce gloves? Forget about it. / Props: Jose Ramiro)

While cruising this afternoon, we came across a bunch of freaky UFC/MMA-related fan art that makes Hassy’s obsession with Mark Hunt look downright normal. Check out 20 of the most disturbing examples, which continue after the jump, and click all the images for full-size versions.

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(Chuck never looked like that. Ever. / Props: greysonfurrington)


Don Frye Don’t Know the Meaning of the Word ‘Retirement’, Goddamnit

Don Frye MMA Yoshihiro Takayama PRIDE
("And that’s for Pearl Harbor, you son of a bitch!" Photo courtesy of

MMA legend/advice guru Don Frye (19-7-1), who has been representing American masculinity in no-holds-barred matches since UFC 8 in February ’96, God bless him, has just booked his next fight. According to FiveOuncesofPain, the Predator will be competing two weeks from tomorrow at Shark Fight IV in Lubbock, Texas, against Rich Moss. Moss (7-2) is a former Judo champion who once defeated TUF 9 hopeful Ray Elbe — which remains his only win over a fighter with a winning record. He’s also a middleweight, and we all know Don doesn’t give a damn about a middleweight.

Frye has the size advantage, though that didn’t help him in his most recent fight against noted fatty-hunter Ikuhisa "Minowaman" Minowa, at a DEEP show last August. Still, Frye has won three of his last five matches, so maybe the old bastard still has some spark left in him. The complete Shark Fight IV card looks like this:

Don Frye vs. Rich Moss
Rex Richards vs. Darill Schoonover
Shannon Ritch vs. TJ Wallburger
Jesse Taylor vs. Eric Davilla
Wayne Cole vs. Marcus Sursa
Phil Cardella vs. Johnny Flores
Louis Luna vs Douglas Frey
Brandi Hainey vs. Jessica Miramontes
Aaron Garcia va. Elmar Muller

Bonus "Dear Don" brilliance after the jump…