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Six Other Seth Rogen/James Franco Films That Should’ve Been Canceled


Quote of the Day: Mauricio Rua Wants A Rematch With…Rampage Jackson?

(If it isn’t my old nemesis, “The Knee.” Come to finish me off, have you?)

Well this is interesting. Coming off a razor thin decision loss in a Fight of the Year candidate match with Dan Henderson at UFC 139, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is looking to get back in the 205 lb mix. With many of the division’s elite already tied up in their own fights, the former UFC Light Heavyweight champ finds himself in a difficult position in terms of matchmaking. But according to Rua, there is one specific fight he has his eyes set on, and it’s not the one you would think. Here’s what he recently told

The fight against Rampage will happen eventually. It’s inevitable and UFC knows it. He won’t retire before fighting me and neither am I (laughs).


Watch the UFC 144 Weigh-Ins Live Right Here at 11:00 pm ET

(“Where’s your other fist and why do they call you ‘Master’ anyway?”)

Just a friendly reminder that the UFC is on Japanese time this weekend, so everything will be happening a bit later than usual.

Today’s weigh-ins are going down at 11:00 pm ET and we’ll have the live stream for you below.

Will the fighters play up to the Japanese crowd? Will young local girls cover their mouths and laugh when fighters disrobe? Will Akiyama cause mass hysteria and women to pass out? Will Dana be booed by the PRIDE faithful?

All of these questions and more will be answered after the jump.


This Clip of Joe Rogan Impersonating Lenne Hardt is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Joe Rogan debuted his new recurring segment on Fuel’s Ultimate Insider show this week and it was pretty good. For the first episode, Joe looked back on what made PRIDE awesome. The standout moment had to be his wild-eyed impersonation of former PRIDE announcer Lenne Hardt.

The GIFS are great, but the clip after the jump is even better.


Give Thanks: ‘Pele’ vs. ‘Macaco’ III is Going Down in January

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TeflonMaster)

If you’ve followed MMA for more than a few years, you know who Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons is.

Anderson Silva — a longtime training partner of “Pele,” who lost to the Cuban-born fighter twice in muay thai competition — credits the original Chuteboxe team fighter with helping make him the dangerous fighter he is today.

Well, it appears that Pele is back to form after suffering a career threatening leg break back in 2008 and now the 38-year-old, who is undefeated in his four bouts since returning from the grisly injury, will take on Jorge “Macaco” Patino for the third time at MMA Combat 2 Kumite on January 20 in Brazil.


One FC Announces Major Collaboration, Three Events in Three Countries in 2012

In what may be the biggest game changer in Asian MMA history, Singapore based upstart promotion One FC has recently announced a major partnership with over 15 smaller promotions spanning from Australia to India. One FC, who you might remember held a rather successful inaugural event back in September, released a list of the organizations they had gained exclusive partnerships with in a recent statement:

URCC (Philippines), Cage Fighting Championship (Australia), ROAD Fighting Championship (Korea), DARE Championship (Thailand), Team Lakay Wushu (Philippines), Tiger Muay Thai and MMA (Thailand), Tigers Gym (India), Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (Singapore), Legacy Gym (Thailand), Tough MMA (Taiwan), Synergy Jiu-Jitsu (Indonesia), Juggernaut  FC (Singapore), Fightworks Asia (Singapore), PAK MMA (Pakistan), Team Force (Korea), MuayFit (Malaysia), Leverage MMA (Malaysia)

Aside from this list, CEO/Owner Victor Cui announced that they would be adding 23 more gyms and promotions to their network in the following weeks in an effort to “unify Asian MMA and to build the sport that we all love dearly.” Cui continued:


Internet Beef of the Day: Sergei Kharitonov and Aleksander Emelianenko

(If Aleks hadn’t gone and contracted Hep C, they could have sorted things out the old fashioned way. – vid courtesy of YouTube/Sakuraba78)

When Russians fight, they don’t beat around the bush.

In an interview he did over the weekend with in which he responded to claims from Aleksander Emelianenko that his brother’s loss to Dan Henderson over the weekend was the fault of Fedor’s trainers, Sergei Kharitonov called Lil’ Emel “a drunken, diseased drug addict who wasn’t raised properly and who was a mistake.”

“When I read his interview I laughed out loud. Although he is 30 years old and that’s certainly not the reason for laughter. Firstly, for guys like Aleks I am not ‘Serezha’ but rather ‘Sergei Valeryevich.’ Secondly, it’s about time for him to learn how to compress thoughts and, above all, to think before he speaks. He didn’t get a proper upbringing, I guess, but I don’t want to go deeper in it – he doesn’t deserve so much honor. He is a great trash-talker, but real fighters prove their strength in the ring. Aleks is a drinker, he is always brawling. Normal men like me or Fedor would never drink to alcoholic mania and fight in the street. But I often hear about Aleks getting into scraps like this in different corners of our country,” he says. “He rampages, harasses the waitresses and other girls, lies, cries on every corner that he is a champion of the world and the strongest man on Earth. I guess, this is some kind of a drug effect.”


UFC Targeting February 26 for Japan Return

(We know one thing: some female Japanese reporters are getting dry-humped by Rampage come February 26.)

When Zuffa effectively killed PRIDE soon after purchasing the Japanese promotion back in 2007 for a reported $64-million US, when UFC president Dana White stated it was just impossible to deal with the Yakuza, it seemed unlikely that we would ever see the Octagon in the Land of the Rising Sun again.

Well, it looks like dealing with the Yakuza in 2011 is a lot easier than it was four years ago.

According to MMAWeekly, the UFC is close to finalizing a date and location for its first Japanese show since 2000, and the first under the Zuffa banner since Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta purchased the company from SEG in January 2001. The date for the planned show would be February 26 and the planned venue is the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama — the arena that housed 24 of PRIDE’s 68 events.


UFC Undisputed to Return in January with Pride Mode. No, this is Not a Joke

Of course, you wouldn’t expect us to make inappropriate jokes about the UFC in the first place. Props:

As a gamer, it sometimes confuses me that I get so excited about the release of new sports games. Other than updated rosters and an occasional gimmick that actually pans out, I’m essentially buying the exact same game every year. Not to mention that for every new feature that I’ll actually use, such as the truck stick in Madden games, there are two or three that I’ll either ignore or downright loathe. So for me to actually be excited about the newest edition of UFC Undisputed is sort of an accomplishment.

Earlier this week, THQ and the UFC released details regarding the game’s development. Set to be released in January of 2012, UFC Undisputed 3 will be available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles. Obviously, UFC Undisputed 3 will feature the addition of featherweights and bantamweights, improved graphics and new camera angles, just like every other sequel to a sports game. For those of you looking to get in touch with your inner Mayhems, the game will also have fighter entrances. What is especially noteworthy though is that the game will also allow players to play in Pride mode.

For those of you thinking that this just means players will get to use soccer kicks in the Octagon, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The game will not only feature authentic Pride environments (read: a ring), but also Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros doing commentary. That alone has potential to be an awesome gaming experience, although the competition for best video game announcer is pretty stiff. Naturally, you will also be allowed to use soccer kicks, knees to a downed opponent and head stomps.

Official trailer, courtesy of the UFCTHQ YouTube page, after the jump.


The Reem Season 2, Episode 3: Rewind the Moment


The Reem Team has released the latest episode of Alistair Overeem’s web documentary series and as usual, it’s stellar.


The UFC Planned to Have PRIDE Crossover Fights Back in 2006

("Actually, I think I’ll pass on the UFC. I was offered a movie role that could make me the next Jean Claude Van Damme.")

If you haven’t heard about the PRIDE: Secret Files book published by the Japanese MMA and wrestling magazine,  Kamipro, you really need to look that shit up, son.

In a nutshell, the book reveals "30 sealed plans" that never came to fruition for the FEG-era owned organization, which, had they happened could have changed MMA as we know it.

Think of it like "The Butterfly Effect" except instead of Ashton Kutcher, the lead in the movie is Nobuyuki Sakakibara

The book was released in December in Japanese and has since been translated into English by an independent source who is hawking his version online for a nominal donation.

Some of the subjects of the tome include:

• The true ambitions of Lorenzo Fertitta when he bought PRIDE

• DREAM was born from the PRIDE LW GP that was supposed to happen in 2008

• PRIDE 1 was supposed to feature Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Renzo Gracie

• The other side of why Royce Gracie vs Mark Kerr never happened

• A planned PRIDE reality show that fell through

• Evander Holyfield was in talks to fight for the promotion

• "PRIDE Bushido" was  originally named “PRIDE Survival”

• PRIDE’s Lightweight division was born from a life or death crisis of PRIDE Bushido

• Mike Tyson was in talks to face Cro Cop, Fedor, and Big Nog

• GSP and Kimbo were close to being signed by PRIDE

• A PRIDE revival that was secretly being planned