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Win an iPod Touch in the First MMA FightPicker Prize Pools!

iPod touchAntonio Rodrigo Nogueira UFC 110

Happy hump-day, Potato Nation. We have a couple of important MMA FightPicker-related announcements to make this morning. First off, FightPicker now has a fan page on Facebook, where you can get updates on the game, chat with other players, and make your weekly picks. Do us a solid and become a fan, okay?
Secondly, and more importantly: The first FightPicker prize pools are now open for business! If you go to the Open Pools page you’ll see three new pool categories at the top. Here’s how they’re set up…

iPod Touch Pool Unlimited: Buy-in is 250 PotatoChips. There is no player limit to the pool, so your odds of winning decrease with every new person that enters. The winner of the pool* will take home an iPod Touch. (Street value: $199)
iPod Touch Pool 25: Buy-in is 500 PotatoChips**, but your odds of winning are greater because we’re capping the entries at 25 players. Once this pool fills up, we’ll start another 25-person pool, repeating as necessary. The winner of each 25-person pool will score an iPod Touch.
iPod Touch Pool 10: Buy-in is 1,200 PotatoChips; entries are capped at 10 players, so your odds of winning are pretty damn favorable. Once this pool fills up, we’ll start another 10-person pool. The winner of each 10-person pool will score an iPod Touch.

* To prevent ties, we’ve added a tie-breaker question to these pools, so make sure to answer it if you enter one of them. If there’s still a tie even after the tie-breaker question is factored in, the prize will go the first-place-scorer who entered the pool earliest.

** By now, some of you are wondering how the hell you can enter these pools with your miserable stake of 34 PotatoChips or whatever you have left at this point. Well, if you really want an iPod Touch and you feel confident in your picking abilities, you can purchase chips here. Throw in a few bucks (which supports the site, by the way) and you’ll be good to go. Or, spend the day filling out surveys, whichever’s easier.

Questions, comments, concerns? Holler at us in the comments section, and please enter a UFC 110 pool this week if you haven’t already. Good luck!