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Melvin Guillard Avoids Jail Time for Pair of 2010 Assault Charges

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Earlier this year, we learned that UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard had been charged with two misdemeanor counts of aggravated battery, stemming from separate incidents in 2010. (The charges were unrelated to his assault of Waylon Lowe at UFC 114.) Guillard was looking at up to six months in jail for each count.

Luckily, the Young Assassin will remain a free man. As first reported by SI’s Melissa Segura yesterday, Guillard has been sentenced to supervised probation through June 2015, as well as community service.

That means Guillard’s scheduled slugfest against Mac Danzig at UFC on FOX 8: Johnson vs. Moraga on July 27th is still a go. With four losses in his last five fights, the match is an absolute must-win for the veteran striker. Melvin’s promising a “new and approved young assassin” for his next fight, with a “new vibe” and “new focus.” Meanwhile, Danzig — who is coming off a split-decision loss to Takanori Gomi last November — has far more important things on his mind. Who ya got?


Smack Talk is Against Brett Rogers’ Probation Conditions

(“Well old sport, I look forward to matching skills with you in the chain link-enclosed competition area.”)

According to a report from the Apple Valley Patch, Brett Rogers could land himself back in the clink if he breaches any one of his several probation requirements when he is released from jail later this month.

Most notably, “Da Grim” is forbidden from participating in “assaultive or intimidating behavior toward anyone,” which means that telling his upcoming DREAM opponent Tim Sylvia that he was going to “hurt, maim, or kill” him would be contrary to the terms of his release.


Melvin Guillard Violates Probation, Goes Directly to Jail

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We previously mentioned that UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard had to pull out of his UFC 90 bout with Spencer Fisher for undisclosed reasons. Well, now those reasons are disclosed — and it ain’t lookin’ good. Sherdog is reporting that the Young Assassin is in custody at the Harris County jail in Houston, due to an August 13th arrest for violating probation on a 2007 drug charge. Guillard will be released to a drug treatment facility “as soon as space becomes available per the terms of his recently amended probation.” And it probably won’t be one of those cushy drug treatment facilities that lets patients take days off to go fight in Chicago, so there you have it.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Guillard has had drug/legal trouble since his UFC career began in 2005. The New Orleans native was suspended for eight months after testing positive for cocaine following a submission loss to Joe Stevenson at UFC Fight Night 9 in April 2007. (Guillard admitted using the drug six days before the fight, thinking it would be out of his system within 72 hours.) Four months later, he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, but got off with a fine and two years probation — which he has now violated.

If you’ve been keeping score, that’s three strikes. Unfortunately, Guillard’s not nearly valuable enough to the UFC for them to keep giving him chances; we’d expect a semi-official announcement of his dismissal sometime this week. Guillard is still an exciting-enough fighter to continue to get work in smaller shows, but we’re more concerned about his health and well-being at this point. Let’s hope his latest incident compels him to clean up for good…