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Fight of the Day: Phil Baroni vs. Dave Menne

On the suggestion of reader “rheindog,” here’s Phil Baroni’s 18-second destruction of Dave Menne at UFC 39 (9/27/02). Baroni’s jackhammer-beatdown is memorable enough, but what makes this one classic is his Super-Guido celebration at the end: “I’m the best eva! I’m the man! I’m the man! I’m the man!” Unfortunately, he wasn’t — Baroni’s next four fights would result in losses at the hands of Matt Lindland, Evan Tanner (twice), and Pete Sell.


New Year’s Eve’s *Other* Freak Show…

While Yarennoka! was ringing in 2008 in Saitama, K-1 was celebrating its own New Year’s Eve MMA tradition in Osaka with its Premium 2007 Dynamite!! show, a 15-fight card that featured Joachim Hansen, Kid Yamamoto, Kazushi Sakuraba, and a marquee matchup between Bob Sapp and Bobby Ologun. (Full results from the night can be found here.) You already know Bob Sapp as the crybaby brawler who we’ve begged to retire. Bobby Ologun is a Nigerian-born television personality, beloved in Japan for his butchering of the Japanese language and minstrel-like facial expressions; he’s fought at the last four K-1 Premium Dynamite!! events, including a 16-second loss to Hong Man Choi last year. On Monday, Bob Sapp needed over four minutes to beat Ologun. It’s hard to think of an American equivalent to a sideshow like this — maybe picture Tracy Morgan spending four months in a gym and then fighting Mike Tyson. Enjoy…