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Introducing, Ask the Potato!

(The only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask.)

We here at Cage Potato value our loyal readers so much we’ve decided it’s high time we started giving a little something back to you. That’s why we’re introducing our new feature, Ask the Potato.

You have a question? Maybe you want to know who our favorite Diaz brother is (depends how high we are) or who we think would win in a fight between Fedor Emelianenko and a cyborg Grizzly (depends if it’s on New Year’s Eve). Or maybe you even have a non-MMA question for us, something about your parents’ divorce perhaps. It doesn’t matter. Ask us anything.

Just head on over to the Ask the Potato thread in our free, easy-to-use forums and put your question down. If we choose your question, it will be answered on the site before God and your peers, so make it good. To save time, if your question is ‘Why didn’t I win the last caption contest?’ The answer is, because we’re jerks. There, you happy now?

We look forward to reading all your questions and disappointing you with our answers. Huzzah!