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Oscar Buzz: Quinton Jackson

When we reported that Quinton Jackson had scored a part in the upcoming horror flick Midnight Meat Train, we assumed that his role would be larger than “Black Guy Who Gets Killed #4.” But from the looks of the above trailer, the only speaking roles belong to Brooke Shields, Ricky Bobby’s wife, and the dude who played the asshole boyfriend in Wedding Crashers. Do not blink at the 1:36 mark or you’ll miss him. So…totally worth your time, right?


New Affliction Vid Rocks Your Ass!

Seriously! We can’t embed it, but go to their website and brace yourself. Just look at the partial cast of characters:



Quinton “Money” Jackson!

This terrifying clown!

Angry Randy!

A metal singer (the dude from Lamb of God, maybe?) with some truly breathtaking dreads!

I mean, fucking look at those things!

Babyface Barnett!

Again with the clown!

Fedor “Sleepy Boy” Emelianenko!

…and Dave Mustaine! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!


The Seven Nastiest Illegal Knockouts of All Time

(Perfectly legal, mind you.)

Ah, the good old days — when men were men, women were women, and ballsacks could be repeatedly pummeled inside the Octagon without Big John McCarthy doing a damn thing about it. Above, of course, is the fateful UFC 4 fight between Keith “By Any Means Necessary” Hackney, and Joe Son (who later appeared as Random Task in the first Austin Powers movie). By the late ’90s, rule changes had made mixed martial arts look somewhat civilized, and dozens of attacks/holds/gouges were deemed verboten. But regrettably, accidents still happen. And now, our favorite “accidents” ever…

7. Anderson Silva upkicks Yushin Okami

Before The Spider was the deadliest dude in the UFC, he was just a guy trying to get Yushin Okami the fuck off of him at Rumble on the Rock 8. His knockout kick was a crowd pleaser, but unfortunately he was DQ’d on a technicality — Okami’s knees were down.

6. Andrei Arlovski rabbit-punches Marcio Cruz
After back-to-back losses at the hands of Tim Sylvia, Arlovski was dying for a win, and he wasn’t above fighting dirty to get it. When the opportunity presented itself at UFC 66, the Pitbull started whaling on the back of Marcio Cruz’s head. Herb Dean gave him a warning. Arlovski kept doing it. Herb Dean warned him again. Arlovski kept doing it. Herb Dean stopped the fight and gave Andrei the win. Love that Herb Dean.


TUF 7 Coaches “Not the Brightest Guys in the World”


The UFC recently allowed Las Vegas’s ABC affiliate to poke around the set of The Ultimate Fighter 7. Though an unusually reserved Rampage questioned the mental capacity of himself and his rival coach, Forrest Griffin was able to correctly use the word “curmudgeon.” You be the judge:

Update: The video embed went fubar. Watch it here. (Windows Media Player required)


Fight of the Day: Quinton Jackson vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Another classic Rampage jam from PRIDE, this one against Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa at Shockwave 2003 (12/31/03). I’d argue that Quinton Jackson officially became a star when he brushed away the hand of the referee who was checking his junk at the beginning. (The man certainly does not play that shit!) It’s an exciting fight from start to finish, featuring no less than three body-slams from Jackson, repeated knees to the head, and a sort-of-early stoppage that compels Minowa to get up in Jackson’s face then immediately think better of it.


Fight of the Day: Quinton Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona

Apologies for the lack of updates this morning — CP was experiencing major server eff-ups. But we’re back in business now, and to reward your patience, we’d like to present this video of Quinton Jackson’s classic battle with Ricardo Arona at PRIDE Critical Countdown in June 2004. Watch as Jackson is knocked out cold at around the 5:30 mark; luckily, the referee allows the fight to continue, and Rampage regains his faculties enough to deliver a WWE-caliber power-slam that immediately ended the fight. You’ll also notice that at this point in his career, Rampage dog-barked after a victory, Arsenio Hall audience-member-style, as opposed to his current wolf-howl.


Quinton Jackson: Incredibly Well-Qualified


Mo Money, Mo Problems

A copy of the lawsuit against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and his bone head manager, Juanito Ibarra, is now floating out in cyberspace. White Chocolate Management (WCM) president, Reed Wallace, is seeking $10,000,000 in damages for the company, alleging that Ibarra talked shit about WCM and road-blocked some deals the company brought to him with the plan of going after the same deals later and keeping the spoils for himself. Doesn’t seem like something a colleague of the uber-classy Rampage Jackson would do, now does it?

MMA Fightline has some choice quotes from the pissed-off Wallace:

“Rampage has lost literally millions of dollars in deals that Juanito [Ibarra] just sent away because he didn’t want someone else taking credit for those deals,” Wallace explained. “Juanito tried to go back to those companies and do the deals on his own and it just didn’t work out. I know of two of [these deals] that he’s still working on right now and one of these deals is a deal whereby Juanito will only agree to allow the deal to happen with Rampage if the company in question agrees to do a deal with him personally as well.”


Quinton Jackson: Genuine Class


Y’know, I thought CagePotato had the lock on sarcastic headlines. But we’re total amateurs compared to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, which has named Quinton Jackson (*cough*) “Sportsman of the Year.” Yes, this Quinton Jackson. (And this one.) How did the Appeal come to place Rampage ahead of such remarkable athletes as Peyton Manning, Roger Federer and Tony Parker? Well, for starters…

He’s a follower of The Secret: “I envisioned this happening…So it happened.”

He’s smart enough to know when Jesus was wrong: “When people talk about how Jesus wouldn’t want people to fight, it can’t be true. I’m living proof.”

His ability to predict box-office hits is uncanny: He has a role in a feature film, “Midnight Meat Train,” which stars Brooke Shields and is scheduled for release this spring. Jackson understands the title sounds slightly salacious, as he explained to one female friend: “It’s not a porno.”

The story of how he found God is particularly inspirational: “I prayed to God,” Jackson said. “‘God, I’m a coward. Give me the strength to use the restroom. I don’t want to pee on myself in front of my son at my friend’s house.’”

He has “yellow fever,” and doesn’t care if it’s publicized in newspapers: After a string of victories, he traveled to Japan to compete in the PRIDE organization. There, he honed his skills and his affinity for Asian women, which probably helped accelerate his fluency in Japanese and Vietnamese.

Well, we’re sold. Stay tuned next week as the Commercial Appeal names Tay Zonday as “Singer of the Year” and Lynne Spears as “Mother of the Millenium.”


The 10 Best MMA Photos of 2007

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