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Pop Quiz, Hotshot: The MMA Version

(Am I weird, or is this chick hot?)

For all you nerds who like trivia, flexing your brain, and shit, head over to FightMetric to do it up MMA style. The quiz sports questions to test how much you really know about MMA – specifically how fights end. I got 8 out of 10 correct and I would’ve scored better had I not popped open the bottle of tequila at noon. The questions/answers are pulled from FightMetric’s extensive database of fight endings from both major and minor organizations.

We’ve spent our share of hours checking out FM’s number crunching on everything that happens in a fight such as strikes thrown and landed, types of punches, kicks, positions, time spent on the ground, etc. Their reports are pretty in-depth and they arrive at their data via some Einstein-esque equations. Don’t believe me? Here are two formulas they use to get their figures (actually taken from the site):

My head hurts. I’m going to go watch TV.