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The 12 Greatest Ring Girls in UFC History, Ranked

(Edith and Arianny on the job, back when the phrase “GOD’S STREET SOLDIER” used to mean something. / Photo via

When ranking the greatest UFC ring girls of all time, four criteria must be considered: looks, personality, longevity, and whether or not they ever posed nude for Playboy. (That last one is probably the most important.) So in honor of the UFC’s 20th anniversary, we decided to pay tribute to the unsung heroines of the Octagon, who bravely circle the cage in booty-shorts to remind drunken fans what round it is. Disagree with our list? Then let us know in the comments section, tough guy.

#12 & #11 (tie): Chrissy Blair and Vanessa Hanson

Chrissy and Vanessa both made their UFC ring girl debuts in 2011 after winning contests put on by Transworld, and were officially added to the Octagon Girl rotation earlier this year following a stint in Strikeforce. They’re kind of a package deal, and we can’t decide which one is more attractive, so we’ll let them share the leadoff spots on this list. (Honestly, the Betty and Veronica thing will never go out of style.) Chrissy and Vanessa were most recently seen earlier this month, supporting the troops.

For further viewing:
- Golden goddess
- The artsy black and white shot
- Long tall Chrissy
- She really ties the room together
- Coming undone
- A woman in uniform
- Strikeforce’s dynamic duo

#10: Jessica Cambensy


21 MMA Ring Girls Who Have Posed Nude: A NSFW Celebration

(Nice try, Kelli. The sign out front clearly says “NO HAND BRA.”)

Since it’s been a relatively slow news week, we figured it was time to put together a gallery that’s been on our to-do list for some time — a definitive collection of every notable MMA ring girl who has posed nude. And we don’t mean that “implied nude“ bullshit, or that cutesy rear-view-only stuff. We mean fully naked, with boobies and everything. Use the “next page” links or the links below to navigate through the gallery, and keep in mind that the NSFW photos will be linked off of those landing pages, to further guard against embarrassing misunderstandings at work.

Amii Grove
Arianny Celeste
Ashley Nicole Arthur
Ashley Salazar
Ayumi Sogawa
Brandy Brewer
Brittney Palmer
Chandella Powell
Danielle Loveland
Hayley Sams
Iryna Ivanova
Jade Bryce
Jordan Daniele
Juliana Salimeni
Logan Stanton
Maria Melilo
Paige Chapman
Paizly Contreras
Poppy Thompson
Rachelle Leah
Rhian Sudgen


Hot Potato: Rachelle Leah Returns to the Octagon!

(They were so young, so…innocent. OK, maybe just young.) 

If you are in need a pick-me-up, then boy do we have some good news for you. Chances are, if you ordered tickets to UFC 149, you are a sad panda bordering on manic depressive at the moment. Every single main card fight has been changed from its original pairing, leaving us with a headlining battle for a belt that has no value outside of Narnia, where its gold could possibly be smelted into a dagger of some sort and used to smite an enemy with extreme righteousness.

But praise the Gods, an angel from on High has been sent to repair this weak, starving card as best as she can with only the power of her presence, like a stacked Mother Teresa if you will. That woman is former UFC ring girl Rachelle Leah, who will be making her triumphant return to the octagon at UFC 149. We last saw Ms. Leah at UFC 111, where she turned in perhaps the single greatest night of card carrying the sport has ever seen. Check out a few of our favorite photos of Rachelle after the jump, and be sure to follow her on Twitter.


‘Punch Buddies’ T-Shirt Design Contest: In Which Our Winner Is Decided in a Hail of Bullets [VIDEO]


The wait is finally over. After keeping you guys on pins and needles for like a full month, we have a winner in our Urijah Faber t-shirt design contest with Punch Buddies. Watch the stunning conclusion above, in which Urijah, Stephan Bonnar, and Rachelle Leah take the finalists out to the desert and eliminate the losers one by one in the most hardcore way possible.

When the dust settles, they’re left with two designs that they can’t decide between — so Punch Buddies is producing both of them. Since the surfing California Kid shirt was created by one of PB’s own artists, our congrats really go to CagePotato reader Peter Starwalt, who went all the way with his beach/shark-themed design. Congrats, man! Your design is going to be on an actual MMA t-shirt, and you might actually see Faber wearing it someday! We’ll be dropping you a line shortly, because your wild ride is only getting started.

Also: Remember when I said we had a surprise for everybody whose design was featured in this contest? Well check it out: Urijah printed out and signed all your designs, and I’ll be sending them out to you guys over the next couple weeks. Keep an eye on your inboxes; we’ll be in touch.


Teaser Video: Round Two of Our ‘Punch Buddies’ T-Shirt Contest to Feature Rachelle Leah, Machine Guns


At this point, I’m willing to admit that our t-shirt design contest with Punch Buddies and Urijah Faber has gone completely off the rails. In case you were wondering why the quarterfinal round didn’t happen last week, it’s because Faber and Stephan Bonnar were working on a unique method of separating the winners from the losers, and it involved firing assault rifles in the desert with UFC Octagon Girl hall-of-famer Rachelle Leah. See, isn’t this better than just having you dummies pick the winner?

P.S.: We also have a really cool surprise for everybody whose design was featured in the contest. Stay tuned for details, and please follow Punch Buddies on Facebook and Twitter!


UFC 48: Who’s That Octagon Girl?

This Octagon Girl debuted at UFC 48 on June 19, 2004.

Ken Shamrock vs Kimo Leopoldo was the main event, and Frank Mir snapped Tim Sylvia’s arm to take away Tim’s beloved Heavyweight Championship.

The big fella reportedly bawled for two full hours after the fight, until Matt Hughes (fresh off a decision win over Renato Verissimo) finally stopped laughing and told Tim that the UFC would, in fact, allow him to keep his belt to sleep with at night.

Frank Trigg scored a quick win over Dennis Hallman, and Evan Tanner notched a decision win over Phil Baroni. Meanwhile, a twenty-three year old Georges St Pierre battled a twenty-eight year old Jay Hieron on the preliminary card.

Ok, so it’s not exactly “On This Day in MMA History“, but whatever, we tried.

Come on in for more pics.


Hot Potato Gallery: Rachelle Leah Has a Gun

(Full gallery is after the jump…)

UFC Octagon Girl legend Rachelle Leah recently released an eye-catching set of black-and-white shots, and since we have a brand-new photo gallery system we’ve been meaning to try out, we figured we’d toss ‘em up. Let us know what you think; those nude pics at the end are just bonuses for being so supportive. Follow the heavily-armed Ms. Leah at


Throwdown/CagePotato Wallpaper Design Contest: Vote for the Finalists!

The day is finally upon us. After a very fruitful submission period, we’re ready to announce the 12 finalists of our desktop wallpaper contest, presented by Throwdown. Check them out after the jump, and vote for your favorite in the poll over on the right. (If you have trouble using our poll, please e-mail and include which Internet browser and operating system you’re using.) Please get your votes in by Thursday at midnight ET. On Friday, we’ll announce the first-place winner, who will receive the following Throwdown gear, pictured above:

– an All Over Print Duffle Bag
– a Logo Flexfit Hat
– a pair of On Top Remix Shoes
– a Throwdown Hoodie or Thermal of your choice
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Now, on to the brilliance…


Reminder: Keep Submitting Your CagePotato Wallpapers for our Throwdown Gear Contest!

CagePotato desktop wallpaper MMA Dana White War Machine Jon Jones Fedor

(Above: Eric R.  /  Below: Dwayt W.  /  Click all for larger sizes.)

Rachelle Leah desktop wallpaper MMA UFC ring girl

We’re one week into our CagePotato wallpaper design contest, and the submissions are rolling in nicely; you can check out some of our current favorites above and after the jump. Please keep sending your work to for the chance to win $250 in gear from the good people at Throwdown. Voting begins next Monday. 


Video: Rachelle Leah Does a Photo Shoot in Her Gitch, Covered in Grease, Playing with Guns

(Video courtesy MMAthletics)

If you can get past the first half of this infomercial for Randy Couture and Jay Glazer’s MMAthletics conditioning program, you will be rewarded by footage of host Rachelle Leah doing a photo shoot in Hollywood. 

Now, I get the oil and the underwear and the guns, but whose idea was it to incorporate a bowl of nachos in the shoot? Is that to up the appeal to guys who are otherwise uninterested in a scantily-clad models but who may really like snacks?

Unless they’re shooting an ad for Doritos, it seems pretty bizarre, but whatever.