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A Note to Future Interviewers of Chael Sonnen: DO NOT Bring up the “Mortgage Fraud” Thing

(Who just called me a thief?! Was it you?! I am an undisclosed investment opportunist you son of a bitch, so get your shit straight!) 

If there’s one thing we know about Chael Sonnen, it’s that he can hurl insults at other fighters, reporters, and entire countries with the lyrical ostentation of an 18th century poet (we also hear he’s an OK fighter as well). His ability to string together an eight or nine word sentence without having “uh” or “you know” constitute at least three of those words puts him head and shoulders above a lot of his peers (Junior Dos Santos is trying, you guys, leave him alone), so much so that he can almost convince us that Big Nog once tried to feed a carrot to a bus without sounding like a sundowning centenarian in the midst of an LSD flashback while doing so. Almost.

That being the case, you’d imagine that Sonnen would be able to take a joke, or at least an awkward question in stride, because those who cast stones at other people should expect stones to be cast at them, or whatever it is that they say. I’m not looking it up. But more often than not, this is not the case for the shit-spewing, trash-talkers of the world. Such is the case with Mr. Sonnen, who has shown us in such memorable moments as “Amateur Hour with Michael Lansberg” that he can’t exactly take it as well as he can dish it out.

Sonnen recently appeared on the John Canzano-hosted “Portland’s 750 -The Game” to promote his upcoming rematch with Anderson Silva at UFC 148, and when the subject of his past legal troubles came up, let’s just say that Chael went from about 0-100 faster than a McLaren F1 with Memphis Raines behind the wheel. And don’t think for a second that we don’t see the irony in poking fun at Chael Sonnen while at the same time lambasting him for excessively poking fun at other fighters. The Internet gives us a Diplomatic Immunity to do so and not even Roger Murtaugh can revoke it.

A full audio recording of the exchange and transcription are after the jump. 


Reminder: Join Us Today at 3:00 pm ET for a Live and Interactive Year-End Episode of “The Bum Rush Radio Show’

(He took a shot every time Xenophon mentioned a conspiracy theory.)

Just a friendly reminder that we’ll be heading over to the Cage Potato Radio Network Studios to tape our last episode of our widely popular “The Bum Rush Radio Show” podcast of 2011 and we’d love you to join us.

Ok, we lied. There is no studio and we probably should have replaced the word “widely” with “moderately,” but we have fun taping the show and that’s all that matters, right? It’s not about winning or losing, unless you’re the winner.

Anyway, we’ll be breaking down this Friday night’s UFC 141 card, going through some of the year’s biggest stories and taking calls from some of you hooligans.

Grab a bottle of bourbon and a shot glass and get in here. It should be fun, or at least more fun than work.


Join Us Thursday at 3:00 pm ET for a Special Year-End Call-In Episode of CagePotato’s Bum Rush Radio Show

(Who’s going to design a ‘Bum Rush’ drinking game for tomorrow?)

It’s been a while since we’ve opened up the phone lines to the Potato Nation, so we figured we were about due for another call-in edition of The Bum Rush Radio Show before we close out the year.

Mark your day planners (or write a reminder on your fridge) that the show will go live tomorrow at 3:00 pm ET and we will be taking calls from our faithful readers and seasoned trolls to get their thoughts on the year in MMA and our performance in 2011.


Make an Hour of Your Day a Bit More Entertaining and Check Out The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 29

If you’re looking for something to do this afternoon while you pretend to be busy at work, get out those TPS reports, lock your office door and turn on the latest episode of The Bum Rush Radio Show so you can fool your bosses into thinking you’re hard at work.

On this episode Ben, Mike and Jared break down the main card of Saturday’s UFC 140 event in Toronto and give their thoughts on some of the hot button topics of the week.


Check Out The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 28 and Make Your Friday Go by a Little Faster

The Bum Rush is back this week with a short and sweet version of the show. In this episode Ben and Mike run through last weekend’s UFC 137 card and the week’s top stories lightning-round-style.


The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 23: Short and Sweet Patriotic Long Weekend Edition

(Your country likes to party; our country likes to party. Why not make it a long weekend for both of us?)

If you’re like us, you’re sitting watching the clock waiting for today to be over so you can rip into the long weekend…unless of course you’re one of our Canadian readers, in which case you bastards are probably already sitting on a patio somewhere in a drunken haze trying to explain to oblivious onlookers the inside joke about Chocolate Al.

Do you buy gifts for each other on Canada day, or just drink in its honor?

Anyway, hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Canada Day/4th of July weekend. Give this abridged version of The Bum Rush a listen and waste an hour of your Friday. We were supposed to have our favorite MMA interviewer Karyn Bryant on this episode, but a last-minute scheduling conflict pushed her appearance back until the next show in two weeks. Chris Coleman also tried his damndest to be on the show, but technology foiled his efforts.


Check Out The Bum Rush Radio Show Episode 20 With Special Guest, UFC Welterweight Standout Rory MacDonald

If you’re looking for something to do this afternoon to waste some time while you wait for Steve Carell’s final episode of The Office, The Royal Wedding or Cage Potato’s Banned Party, look no further than the latest episode of our massively popular (OK, mildly popular) podcast.


The Bum Rush Radio Show now on iTunes


It took a while, but we’re happy to announce that we finally got approved by Apple and now The Bum Rush Radio Show will be delivered to you through the magic of iTunes.

Go ahead and subscribe and rate us with an appropriate amount of stars *cough* five *cough*.


Start Your Weekend Early by Hiding from your Boss and Listening to The Bum Rush Episode 5

(Remember to bring snacks, drinks, headphones and a piss bottle for this road trip.)

You thought we forgot, didn’t you?

To be honest, we were going to do a show next week to preview Strikeforce Houston and UFC 118, but we decided last minute to split the shows up. 

This episode, which features an interview with Strikeforce middleweight challenger Tim Kennedy, is slightly abridged as we were somewhat crunched for time with Ben working his ass off to plan the CP UFC Fan Expo extravaganza. We apologize in advance for not including the insider roundtable segment which has become your consensus favorite and the standard way we close out The Bum Rush.

Before the comment section blows up with "We want ReX13" or "You guys suck" posts, rest assured that we will be bringing back some of your favorite CP personalities for the next show to drop knowledge and terrible predictions on y’all.

We should have all of the episodes up on iTunes very soon and we will let you know when you can subscribe. The process is underway and we’re waiting on Apple to accept our metadata submissions or some other IT-type mumbo jumbo.

Hope you enjoy the show.

Player, download link and Tim Kennedy video we mention on the show after the jump.