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CagePotato PSA: Donate to Our Patreon Page and Help #RallyForCagePotato!!!

By Jared Jones

Good morning, Nation.

As you well know, 2015 has not been off to a great start for us here at castle CagePotato. Financial cutbacks from our parent site have left us without an Old or New Dad of any sort and forced us (me) to heavily cut back on our usual daily output. We’re in nothing short of crisis mode, and the future of the CagePotato brand remains up in the air. It’s…been a depressing couple of months to say the least.

But as Harvey Dent once said, it is always darkest before the dawn. And not unlike Dent, we need you — our loyal, fearless and ever-vitriolic readers — to be the Batman to our Gotham. Which is why today, we announce the launch of our own crowdfunding campaign through Patreon to #RallyForCagePotato.

CagePotato would be nothing if it wasn’t for you guys (and gals), and we need your help and support now more than ever.

Care to read up on our cause and/or donate? Head after the jump for all the details how. 


CagePotato PSA: So About That Last “CagePotato PSA”…

Free Cage Potato dog
(It’s more “Save” than “Free” now, but the message is still relevant.)

By Jared Jones

Good morning, Nation.

If you’ve visited CagePotato within the past few days, you’ve likely read my inspiring and totally original war speech which triumphantly declared that we will not be be going quietly into the night, nor will we be vanishing without a fight, and so on and so forth. You were likely moved to tears by this heartrending and undeniably epic rally cry, and most certainly hugged your loved ones a little tighter before tucking them into bed, reminding them to never, ever take anything in life for granted.

And while I wasn’t technically wrong in declaring that CP’s flame will forever burn, it turns out that my soaring call to arms might have been a bit, presumptuous…