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Randy Couture Is Going To Be With The UFC Until Judgment Day

(Even Couture’s best Jughead impression failed to impress the judges. Photo courtesy of the LA Times.)

Turns out that all our speculation as to what the UFC might do with Randy Couture for the last fight on his contract is now totally obsolete, because Captain America has re-upped for another six fights and twenty-eight months.  The extension will take the 46 year-old conceivably into early 2012, when we assume that UFC events will be held somewhere deep within the earth in order to help fans get their minds off the harsh, post-apocalyptic hellscape on the surface.  Said Couture:

“I am going to take it one fight at a time as I did 12 years ago when I first started this thing, and we will see where that goes.  Obviously I didn’t have the outcome that I wanted [tonight] but I still had a good performance overall. I think I did a lot of things that I trained to do in this fight tonight. We will evaluate that, see what I need to improve and we will take it one fight at a time.”