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Couture, Nogueira, Rosholt, & Marquardt Pocket Bonuses, Dana White Promises More Shows in Pacific Northwest

(‘Wait, what happened to that dude Frank Mir beat up?’/Photo courtesy

Dana White referred to each of his picks for the end-of-the-night bonuses at UFC 102 as “no-brainers.”  The UFC handed some extra cash for Fight of the Night to Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for their main event scrap, Jake Rosholt for his submission/choke-out of Chris Leben, and Nate Marquardt for his one-punch KO of Demian Maia.  The bonuses this time around were worth $60,000, severely disappointing Nogueira, who, after UFC 100, was under the impression that these bad boys would be worth a cool $102,000.  Looks like that giant marble statue of a Minotaur that he was planning on putting in his front yard is going to have to wait until his investments mature.

The UFC reported 16,088 fans for a live take of $1.92 million.  Though ticket sales weren’t as strong as the UFC might have liked, Dana White said in the post-fight press conference that they’d come back to the Pacific Northwest soon, probably to Seattle next and eventually back to Portland.  Next time around, maybe they’ll keep ticket prices more in line with what people here are willing to pay, or else load up the card with some fights that might entice more out-of-towners.


Four Things We’ll Know For Sure Once UFC 102 Is Over

Randy Couture arm wrestles girls
(The much-hyped mixed semi-doubles division of XARM seemed like a great idea at first. Only when Art Davie had to tell that nice blond girl’s parents how she ended up in a persistent vegetative state did he realize his folly.)   

UFC 102 may not have a title fight to draw Portland residents out of their coffee shops and dive bars, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty at stake this weekend.  Here are four lingering questions we can plan on getting some resolution to once this event is in the books.

1. If Randy Couture Will Ever Get One More Title Shot

Couture keeps talking about wanting another chance at UFC gold as if he isn’t in his mid-forties with only one fight left on his contract after UFC 102.  While we respect a guy with long term goals, how he performs in this fight will determine whether those goals ever come to fruition.  It probably won’t be enough just to beat Nogueira.  He needs to dominate him like he’s just another Gabriel Gonzaga with more scar tissue.  If he can’t do that the UFC will be taking a hard look at his price tag and future prospects when it comes time to talk about a new contract. 


This Randy Couture Video Blog Makes You Wonder, Why Is He A Heavyweight?

Okay, we already know the answer to that question: getting KO’d by Chuck Liddell was no fun any more and any division that Tim Sylvia is at the head of has ‘easy pickings’ written all over it, which Randy Couture himself basically admitted.  That said, Couture weighs 221.8 pounds at the time of this filming and he’ll probably be around that size when he steps into the cage at UFC 102 on Saturday night.  Maybe it won’t be a deciding factor against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, but if he really does get that rematch with Brock Lesnar that he wants, it’s hard to see how showing up at least 45-50 pounds lighter than your opponent isn’t a disadvantage.

Couture has obviously done well as a heavyweight, despite being closer to 205 than 265.  But now that the Lesnars and the Carwins are moving in to MMA, is the 220-pound heavyweight a relic from a bygone era? 


Randy Couture: “I Have Nothing Else to Prove”

Randy Couture

At UFC 102 in Portland on August 29, former UFC champ Randy Couture takes on Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in a battle between two of the sport’s most venerable veterans.  It’s a fight to see who still has the chops to compete in the UFC’s heavyweight class, though Couture insists he isn’t looking at it that way.  In this interview “The Natural” talks about his preparation for Big Nog, how Brock Lesnar may have set MMA back a few years, and where he sees himself after this fight is in the books.

Thanks for talking with me, Randy.  How has your training been going for this fight, and what are you focusing on to help you beat a guy like Nogueira?

It’s going really well.  Training’s been great.  I’ve been working a lot on my jiu-jitsu.  I think that’s going to be a critical tool to have sharp for Nogueira.  I’ve been working on my boxing and kickboxing, and I think that’s going to play a key role in this fight because of my wrestling background.  As always I’m working a lot on strength and conditioning as well with Jake, our strength coach, and I’m feeling great.  I feel a peak coming.

The last time we saw Nogueira he looked like he just wasn’t himself.  Are you expecting to face the old Nogueira that we saw in Pride, or do you think that was a sign that he may be on the downward slope of his career?


The “MMA Live” Curse: Is Randy Couture Next?

ESPN MMA Live Curse
(Try all you want, but you can’t argue with a collage, people.)

As long as we’re dwelling on MMA curses this week, our friends at MMA Scraps have created this handy little graphic to show the devastation that the possibly fictional/possibly terrifyingly real "MMA Live" Curse can wreak on any MMA fighter bold enough to don a sportcoat and stare awkwardly into ESPN’s internet TV cameras.  Oh, and Frank Mir too, who apparently is keeping things real casual-like out in Vegas.

The point is, appearing on "MMA Live" could very well be a one-way ticket to Beatdownville.  So we got to wondering, didn’t Randy Couture just appear on "MMA Live" a few days ago to do a UFC 101 recap?  And isn’t he taking on Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102 at the end of August?  Seems like trouble a-brewin’ to us.  Then again, maybe that’s all just superstitious nonsense.  And pro athletes are never superstitious, right?  Guys?  Right?

We’ll remember you as a hero, Randy.  


Video: Won’t You Join Randy Couture in the Gym For a Spell?

Ever wanted to go inside one of Randy Couture‘s training camps in a five-part series of webisodes designed for the fan with a minimally-functioning knowledge of MMA?  Then you’re in luck. posted the first video in their journey through Couture’s preparations for his bout with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102, and it’s not bad.  No serious revelations here for the hardcore fan, but they’re just getting started.  In related news, Couture’s currently a -190 favorite over at  Wonder how much of that is based on his skills, and how much is the result of the sickly, sluggish performance from Nogueira in his last outing.